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Skye High

The ultimate mountain bike ride!

Braveheart reborn!

The amazing little 4 minute video below sums up why music is so very vital to the Christian walk and how it indeed has the means to connect humanity to deity in a powerful manner.

It fails to mention the deeper truths, however.  Truths such as when the brain is in meditation and prayer modality, and when the brain waves are collectively “tuned” to pulse at multiple 12 hz. cycles, (remember 432 hz. is 12 hz. times 12 hz. times three) the brain’s PINEAL GLAND is awakened and activated.  The pineal gland of the brain, when thus awakened and exercised on a daily, or even weekly basis, then produces various chemicals substances called hormones and hormone precursors – not the least of which are the incredible substances known as pinoline and DMT.

Research shows that the typical pineal gland pretty much shuts down and begins to calcify when puberty is reached.   Healthy pre-pubescent children are typically full of pineal-gland hormones.  Remember that Christ taught His disciples that they (we) “must become as little children” in order to “enter the Kingdom of Heaven”.  (See Matthew 18:3 and 19:14)  He also said we must be “born again”.   Could a big part of this equation be the physical activation of a fully functioning pineal gland – just as it functions in “little children”?

Pinoline is well documented as being the primary hormone that is virtually nonexistent in the blood of individuals suffering from clinical depression and other stress-related mental illnesses such as dementia and post-traumatic stress syndrome.  Hundreds of research studies have shown that pinoline is also the primary hormone responsible for DNA repair and regeneration at the cellular level.   In layman’s terms – pinoline is the veritable fountain of youth – i.e. the “anti-aging” hormone.    It is also, very likely the most important natural healing element the body could ever produce.

And what of DMT – the so-called “God Chemical” that skeptics say is the only rational explanation for producing “hallucinations of God” during near-death phenomenon?  (Could it be that DMT is responsible for opening up the “tunnel to heaven” where one meets God, rather than producing a meaningless illusion as non-believers claim?)   Get this – early research suggests that pineal secretions of DMT stimulate certain unused areas of the brain and thus potentially expands intellectual capacity from the typical 10% brain access up to as much as 40%.    This has to be chilling and sobering news to the elite ruling class of this planet.  As John D. Rockefeller so infamously declared: “We (the global elite) do not need intellectuals in this country – we only need workers!”

It is therefore little wonder that 432 hz. music was marginalized and officially changed to 440 hz. by John D. Rockefeller and his “illuminated ones” in spite of vociferous objections by professional musicians.

In summation, it is now scientifically proven that when one alters the standing wave musical root of 12 hz., (A = 432) the pineal gland remains inert and inactive. Conversely, when exposed to 12 hz. multiple standing waves, (such as 432 hz.) the pineal gland becomes activated.   Without fully functioning pineal glands, the masses are systemically dumbed down and become spiritually disconnected from their one true God – their Creator.  Depression and mental illness becomes epidemic and prescription drugs rule over natural healing methodology.

Who but the eternal adversary to God rejoices at THAT scenario?