One of the things that really bothered me when I was an “active” Mormon was discovering the fact that Adolph Hitler, along with all of his Nazi Party high command, were posthumously baptized and “endowed” in the Mormon temples.  Hitler was also “sealed” to his mistress Eva Braun, and ORDAINED AN “ELDER” in the Mormon Priesthood.   I kid you not – this is absolutely true!

I was a temple ordinance worker in the St. George Temple at the time I discovered this.  The big PROBLEM with this in my mind, was that in order to seal couples posthumously and then ordain the male into the “priesthood” – direct authorization had to come from the Mormon governing body in SLC.   Basically the “prophet” had to OK this – because it meant that the deceased individual had fully accepted Joe Smith and the Mormon “gospel” in the spirit world.

I made a stink about it, and was told I was “on the high road to apostasy” for daring to question such deeply sensitive matters.

Oh yes, I see – I am in danger of “outer darkness” (the Mormon version of “hell”) for daring to question such a SCANDAL – but Elder Hitler is walking the streets of glory with Brother Joseph?  It was inconceivable to me at the time, but helped me to final see the TRUTH about the dangerous fraud that is Mormonism.

Here is the full Story Behind the Story on this.

And here is poor Elder Adolph of the Seventy getting the news about the recent “official LDS Essay” —

TOO FUNNY – but yet, this spoof video tells a whole lot of TRUTH as well: