Very important information about the Special Offer made last Friday night, Nov 14, on my radio show

The Story Behind the Story

Hello Everyone,
If you haven’t tuned in already, I have a radio show which airs every Friday night between 10PM and

midnight, Eastern Standard Time at:

On last week’s show, I interviewed my good friend Jim Dooley, Founder and President of Crystal Blue Enterprises. I met Jim in the Spring of 2013 and have been wanting him to come on my show ever since as he is a man of incredible background and knowledge in so many areas of our mutual interests.

On that show, Jim made a very generous offer to all of my listeners to be able to purchase the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units and harmful man-made electro-magnetic frequency protection devices at substantial savings. Jim made the offer in support of my work, both on the radio and here on this blog, and as a thank you from both Jim and me to all of my listeners for their support.

Just so you know, I not only own the products myself, but can attest that they are the most effective products of their kind to be found anywhere, not to mention that Jim is now offering them to my readers and listeners for prices that anyone can afford.

The response to that show was extremely positive. But unfortunately, we ran out of time to share all the information about Jim’s new products with you. As a result, Jim will again be my guest this Friday night so we can continue our discussion and thoroughly cover Jim’s new products for enhancing water and protecting people from the deleterious effects of man-made EMF’s, including cell phones, WIFI and smart meters.

The second unfortunate issue with Nov 14th’s show was that thousands of people from literally around the world tried to take advantage of this special offer and ran into technical problems with the Crystal Blue web page and ordering platform.

Both Jim and I are very sorry about the technical problems with the website and the ordering process. Those issues have now been resolved and the special offer page we mentioned is now functioning and will be extended until December 7th.

Again, the URL of the special offer website where you can take advantage of great savings on products for enhancing water and protecting you and those you love from EMF damage can be found at:

You can click on it directly and go to that page now. But please remember that if you manually enter the URL directly into the address bar of your web browser, that everything in the address must be entered in small lettering, including my own name – true.

Again, our apologies if you were one of many people who had difficulty finding the special offer page and/or placing your order.

Thank you and hope you join Jim Dooley and me on November 21 for The Story Behind the Story starting at 10 pm Eastern time. To find us, please go to then scroll down to bottom of page and click on The Story Behind the Story.