Bach Quote

Once or twice a generation, it seems that certain individuals are chosen by God to LEARN and clearly UNDERSTAND the complexities, yet simplicities of His incredible creation.  In the first 17 years of the 17th Century, while King James and his select team of 49 (7 x 7) scholars were busy preparing the “authorized version” of the Holy Bible (the most popular and world-changing literary volume ever to be printed), a German philosopher and musician named Johannes Kepler was at the same time being divinely taught about the incredible “Music of the Spheres” – specifically how the numbers of sacred “geometry” meshed in perfect harmony with the divine tones of the musical scale.

This is the ultimate, scientifically based “reason” why musicians and Christian “worship teams” should utilize A = 432 hz. tuning, and forever abandon what J.D. Rockefeller and his carnal, worldly minions dubbed the “Industrial Tone” of 440 hz.   Clearly ONLY the “scientific tuning” of A = 432 hz. incorporates all of the sacred geometry measurements of the heavens as well as the created earth divine ratios (such as the Radian) upon which the Christian believer dwells.

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