Why I Prefer 440 hz. “Concert Tuning”  VS. 432 Hz.

by B. Eliza Bulb

     For the record: I am personally disgusted over the clinical insanity exhibited by a certain segment of our society.  They sincerely believe that there is this big, fiery pit where those who fail to believe in the mythical fairy tale called the Bible are going to be doomed to spend all eternity.  They also actually believe that singing certain songs that they call “worship” will somehow insulate them from the weekly assaults of a make-believe entity with horns and a pitchfork they call “the Devil”.   I have witnessed these crazies – attending their preferred “gathering” on Sunday morning, raising their hands to the sky and waving as if they see, and are trying to eradicate, some sort of hallucinatory cobweb! It’s laughable!    If that’s not wacky enough, along comes this phony Phd quack (I checked him out – he freely admits his “doctorate” is not from a duly accredited source) who calls himself  “A. True Ott” (i,e, a perfect zero) who adds the final caboose to the collective crazy train that is “bound for glory”.    I called him up to see if he is “real”, and to his credit, he listened to my grievances concerning his blog post on 432 hz. and then politely asked me to write a paper rebutting his “research”.   This is that rebuttal, but I highly doubt he has the moral integrity to post it.

     First of all, music is just music.  It doesn’t matter if you “tune” an instrument to any set “pitch” as long as it makes you feel good about what you produce!  Music is at its core simply a subjective art form after all.  I am a retired professional musician, skilled in the public performance of 6 different stringed instruments.   Never has the musician been freer to experiment with various “tunings” and sound combinations than we are today, and that is a truly wonderful state of affairs.  Pure music is synonymous with freedom, but narrow-minded wannabe despots like Mr. Ott would have you think there is only ONE correct way to play – and that the highest form of music is that which honors something he and other deluded individuals call “god”.  That is so completely dangerous to the human collective consciousness to think that way!

     Here then is my point-by-point rebuttal to his ridiculous essay concerning christian “worship teams” tuning instruments to 432 hz.

1. Music as we know it today evolved just as the neanderthals evolved from their caves with the advent of fire pits and the discovery of the wheel.  Undoubtedly, some bored cave man or woman found that as they were stretching some hides to make a breechcloth, hitting the stretched hide with a cushioned stick made a rather intriguing noise.   Other members of the clan then tried to imitate the sound of their new “drum” by chanting with their voices.  Later, when drying animal guts in the sun, yet another enterprising cave person found that by stretching the gut and “plucking it” with a finger or thumb – another intriguing noise could be generated.  Over the centuries, these crude instruments evolved into the guitar, and other gut-stringed instruments.  “God” or “divine 432 tuning” had absolutely nothing to do with this evolution, and neither did the “ancient Hebrews”.

2 .   There were no “40,000 petitions” submitted to the ISO when they standardized the 440 hz.   There were a few disgruntled letters sent by a few crackpots who fought change, but that is all.   There is no grand “conspiracy” led by “satanists” to alter our music.  This is entirely a fabricated delusion of Mr. Ott’s warped mind.

3.  Maria Reinold is a renowned certifiably psychotic crackpot of the highest order.  Crazy breeds crazy, and so it should be of no great surprise that Mr. Ott would take her wild hypothesis seriously to heart for even a millisecond.

4.   Certain human-generated noxious gas noises can likewise “fill a room” in more ways than just sound – does that mean we as a culture should adopt them exclusively, Mr. Ott?

5.  Hitler, Goebbels, Rockefeller and Rothschild are all examples of progressive minds who have endeavored to bring newness and rejuvenation to their respective cultures.   While Hitler’s and Goebbels’ methods were proven to be deplorable, to declare that their personal choices, and promotions of a specific music tone contributed to the destruction of Germany is laughable.  As for J.D. Rockefeller and Rothschild, these giants of industry have never been popular with the working class ‘have-nots’ – and so any attempt to cast their incredible humanitarian contributions to society into the landfills of history is done solely to foster hatred and discontent.

6.  Mr. Ott somehow completely ignores the incredibly noteworthy accomplishments of other “religious” musical groups who have historically performed their art at the standard pitch of 440 hz. for many decades with universally amazing results.   For some reason, Mr. Ott rabidly hates his Mormon neighbors in Utah.  He fails to mention that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and their 440 hz. music has done more “good” and brought more “joy” to collective humanity over the last 80 years than any other “religious” musical performing group or christian “worship team” ever has.  If 440 hz. is so horribly evil and terrible as Mr. Ott would have you believe,  why does the Mormon choir continue to be so popular and so very successful as worthy ambassadors to their faith worldwide?  Their music is truly inspiring and heartfelt, and if I were to believe in god, the music of the Mormon choir could easily be that of his angels.

In conclusion, what the world needs today is UNITY and acceptance of all diversity of all cultures, and not the kind of unique hate promoted by Mr. Ott and his ilk.  We need to honor the educated choices of the atheist, the pagan, the WICCA priest, the LGBT groups, as well as the “saved christian”.   The human animal needs social interaction and a sense of “clan” belonging.  That is the primary, underlying reason for ‘religion’ since the dawn of civilization.    Religion has been the opium of the masses solely because it helps them escape the reality of life.   To that end, religion has served the evolution of man very well.

Again, the promotion of certain “special” musical tones designed to “tune” people’s hearts and minds to help them “come to christ” is quite simply the figment of an over-active, and potentially diseased mind.

Just as I promised this individual, I am posting this “rebuttal” in its un-edited and un-altered entirety – even the inclusion of unjust and unwarranted ad hominem attacks against me.   I asked her, “If you aren’t a believer in God, and yet you profess “freedom” of choice, WHY DO YOU CARE SO INTENSELY ABOUT THIS TOPIC AT ALL”??  Her answer: “Because it dangerous and wrong-headed.”  Dangerous to WHOM exactly – the demons of antiquity?  

 It never ceases to amaze me how people that I don’t even know, or who I have never met, can attack me in such a manner!  Without a doubt, this subject has created a literal firestorm of controversy since I wrote the first post.   To me, it proves the veracity of Christ’s words: 

“If the world hates you, know that it has hated Me before it hated you…A slave is not greater than his master. If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you… And “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”  John 15:18-20; 16:33 

A, True Ott

Ogden, Utah