Listen to the voice of the serpent as “atheist activist” Preston Smith gets his brief moment in the sun.  (He apparently threatened his local Florida city council with a lawsuit unless they allowed him ‘equal representation’ – so he demanded and was subsequently allowed to provide the “invocation” to open the city council meeting.  Notice how the majority of the elected officials, to their credit, exercised their “rights” too and exited the room in open protest.  Smith “duly notes” their rejection of his serpentine and nonsensical declarations thinly veiled as “prayer”.)

Make no mistake – the “Preston Smiths” of America are indeed getting more numerous and more brazen each and every day.  Under the disguise of “diversity” and “loving acceptance” and “respect” for all divergent views – the serpent hisses and slithers into full frontal view to beguile the spiritually naive.  No longer is there as much of a need for the serpent to deceive by donning the sheep’s clothing and calling themselves “Latter-Day Saints” or “Jehovah’s Witnesses” – he is getting plenty of new disciples by simply declaring openly who he is, and preaching “new age” love and acceptance of ALL belief systems just as Smith espouses.