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Forbidden Knowledge – The Secrets of the Grand Canyon

Remember the ending of the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark”?  You know – where the Ark of the Covenant is crated up for the SAFETY of human idiots (i.e. the public who tend to be Nazis) and then stored in a basement warehouse: i.e. the endless shelves of the Smithsonian Institution?

The reality is, this is not so far-fetched at all.  Tonight on my radio show, I will be discussing the topic of Egyptians in the Grand Canyon.  Thanks to a contact in D.C. who sent me the needed smoking gun photos and the evidence – this “Story Behind the Story” can now be told with full credibility.  The following PDF paper is the first installment (Part I) of this incredible “Truth is Stranger than Fiction” tale.


Click here for the Story:    Forbidden Knowledge

In connection with the harmonics inherent in 432 hz. tuning – here is more added information – just click on the link to download the PDF copy of my paper:

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