Wow – that jet lag stuff is real – especially when you get older!  19 hours in various jet airliners combined with a 9 hour time difference twice in two weeks can really mess with a person’s bio-rythmns and sleep cycles.   But I’m back in the saddle again with my rope and trusty .32 special Winchester ready to go bear hunting once again.

The primary thing this trip proved beyond any and all doubt is that the Holy Bible is based on real people and real places, unlike the fictional Book of Mormon myths and fanciful tales I grew up naively believing were the same as the Bible stories, only on a different continent.  Where the Bible says there were battles and destruction, archeology has proven this to be historically accurate.  Arrowheads, swords and armor are uncovered in mass quantities, along with thousands of human skulls and other evidences.  At ancient ruins like the city of Samaria and Bet-Shean – the coins and pottery coming out of the different soil levels prove the Bible accounts to be completely accurate and valid.

In the Canaanite strongholds of Gezer and Hazor, sacrificial altars to the fire-god Molech have been unearthed – complete with Molech’s ancient symbol.  Here is a photo of Molech’s “Star” symbol carved into a basalt sacrificial altar unearthed at Hazor:


Here is a close-up shot of the Canaanite Molech symbol:


Does this look familiar at all?  Probably not unless you are a Roman Catholic with eyes that are not veiled.  I could show dozens of examples, but just one is likely sufficient.  Notice the same symbol displayed front and center on the Vatican’s altars!


I only show this to introduce the topic matter concerning the primary reason I feel I was inspired to visit and tour Israel and Palestine, and that is to investigate and report on the two sites claiming to be the Lord Jesus Christ’s empty tomb.   Here is my report on the subject in PDF format:

Church of Holy Sepulcher