ATTENTION:  This post is in direct response to allegations made against “Alma C. Ott” by Leonard Horowitz in a recent court affidavit wherein he accuses  this individual of hate-speech, racism and “anti-semitism” by virtue of this individual supposedly challenging Horowitz’ claim to be the prophesied “Angel of Philadelphia” and the self-described “Royal Bloodline of David.”   

Apparently, Khazarian “Jewess” Sherri Kane and her self-proclaimed “Royal Bloodline of David” (aka the biblical ‘Angel of Phildelphia’) boyfriend Leonard Horowitz continue to focus their time and attention on wild and outrageous conspiracy fantasies.    Without a scintilla of evidence, these two “investigative reporters” have falsely sworn in an affidavit recently filed in a U.S. District Court in Hawaii, (CV15-00186JMS-BMK) that one “Alma C. Ott” conspired with an attorney named Sulla and others to rob them of their Hawaiian feral pig and cockroach-infested “healing center” property.

Such incredible delusion on their part is staggering!  For the record, I have never met, nor ever talked nor in any way communicated with Mr. Sulla, nor any other named party in their latest “lawsuit”.  I could care less if Horowitz and Kane have a bed and breakfast or any other property.   I understand from their affidavit that Kane has suffered a couple of heart attacks, and Horowitz is suffering some sort of emotional breakdown.  They seek to blame all of this on me as well, it would appear.  Could it be they are merely reaping what they have sown?  Of course, I must ask: f 528 hz. is such a LOVING, HEALING FREQUENCY, why all the heart-health problems, hmmm?

Why do Kane and Horowitz hate me, and continue to slander my business and good name each and every day on the internet and radio shows?  I submit it is because I have simply shattered their collectively shared delusions of grandeur by telling the truth.

Here’s a news flash for Ms. Kane and Horowitz – telling the historical truth is not anti-Semitism!

Leonard Horowitz’s Khazarian ancestors emigrated to America from Eastern Europe, as did Sherri Kane’s.  He is not from the loins of Abraham, thus he cannot be of the “Royal Bloodline of David”.    Recent extensive genetic studies by Dr. Elhaik have proven beyond all reasonable doubt that the vast majority (98%) of today’s so-called “jews” are not descended from the biblical Abrahamic bloodlines.

This fully corroborates the earlier work of the Hungarian Jew Arthur Koestler in his seminal book “The Thirteenth Tribe”.   If the reader is interested, the full pdf file of this amazing book can be downloaded at this link:

The truth is that I have no personal grudge or “hatred” whatsoever to people of the Jewish religious faith.  What I do take exception to, however, is when certain people who happen to be of Khazarian descent falsely declare themselves to be some form of grandiose religious ICON in order to defraud ignorant people and unjustly enrich themselves.  Soliciting money and favors such as “legal defense funds” is called RICO and WIRE-FRAUD and such activity is illegal as well as immoral.   This is, without a doubt in my mind, what Khazar Kane and Hungarian Horowitz have done in the past, and yet wrongfully continue to pursue  currently as evidenced by their most recent court filings.

I honor and give full respect to the brave Jew named Arthur Koestler, who honestly researched and reported the historical facts despite the political ramifications and the consequences he knew he would undoubtedly face by doing so.  That is called INTEGRITY, dear reader, and this is not confined to any one race or religion.

Below is a short video showing highlighted quotes from Koestler’s incredible, historically accurate book.