Its name is Macrophage.  What’s in a name?  In this case, it tells you quite a lot.  The prefix Macro means very large, or large scale and is the direct antonym/opposite of the prefix Micro.   We get the suffix PHAGE from Latin word -phagus, which in turn was borrowed from Ancient Greek φάγος (phagos, “glutton”), from Ancient Greek φαγεῖν (phagein, “to eat”).   So the word macrophage literally describes a very large cellular substance that eats or consumes substances.  What does it eat or consume in such a gluttonous way like Star War’s Jabba the Hut?  Amazingly, it is designed by our creator to consume and eliminate cancer cells, viruses and bacteria primarily.  That’s right!  Betcha didn’t have a clue about that, did you?

There is truly an amazing “Story Behind the Story” here – and if you care even a little bit about you and your family’s health and welfare, you really MUST take the time to hear and understand what is going on concerning your body’s Macrophage activity.  You aren’t going to learn about this from the controlled media who are largely controlled by Big Pharma and their obscenely massive (Macro) advertising dollars.   You need to learn, for instance, how and why VACCINES are loaded with a substance called Nagalase and how this complex glyco-protein negatively affects the legion of macrophages present in every human body.

You need to understand that if your population of Macrophage killer cells are working correctly, you simply CANNOT develop life-threatening cancer, or suffer from deep-seated viral infections either!   You need to also understand that there is a highly corrupt group of conspiring human beings operating with nearly unlimited financial resources to keep this remarkable information and SCIENCE from receiving the public scrutiny it so richly deserves.  Yes – this information should without a doubt be “front page” news and headlining every single media news report – but it is not.   You see, this is quite simply the answer to cancer prevention and treatment – and the truth is that cancer is one of the BIGGEST MONEY MAKERS ON THE PLANET.  Get the picture?   Each year since its inception 1913 (the same year that the Federal Reserve was formed as well as the I.R.S.) people have been donating to the American Cancer Society hoping for a “cure” – while breakthrough answers continue to be opposed and at the very least, ignored.

Meet Dr. Timothy Smith, who has written a very simple to understand book on this incredible gluttonous mass called Mr. Macrophage.   You can find the book online here:

Dr. Timothy Smith MD

Dr. Timothy Smith MD

Here’s Dr. Smith’s Bio:

Timothy J. Smith, M.D. has been studying and practicing alternative, nutritional, and conventional healing principles for over 40 years. A 1970 graduate of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, he completed his internship at the Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco and his residency at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center. He subsequently established a general family practice in Berkeley, California, where he integrated conventional medical practice with alternative modalities. Dr. Smith’s current practice consists primarily of telephone consultations with patients around the world. He specializes in applying the principles of molecular biology to difficult diagnoses and designing alternative and anti-aging treatment programs.

A longtime student and advocate of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Dr. Smith was instrumental in introducing acupuncture to the American medical community. In 1972, he founded the first publicly funded acupuncture clinic in the United States. In 1979, Dr. became a member of the first delegation of American physicians practicing Chinese Traditional Medicine to visit the People’s Republic of China. Dr. Smith is a founding member of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture and past vice president of the American Acupuncture Association.

Out of his interest in the biochemistry of Chinese Traditional herbal medicines and recognizing that the same concepts that apply to healing are also effective for prevention, in the mid-1980s Dr. Smith’s focus shifted to clinical applications of new research developments in molecular biology, cell biology, and immunology. His emphasis on prescribing nontoxic nutritional medicines (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, phytopharmaceuticals, and bioidentical hormones) signals a shift in the dominant medical paradigm. Phytomedicines—which encourage healing rather than masking symptoms—are rapidly replacing pharmacologic medicines. Based on these principles, in 1998 Dr. Smith published “Renewal: The Anti-Aging Revolution” (Rodale/St. Martin’s Press), a 650 page book presenting a unified theory of aging and a program of diet, supplementation, and exercise for slowing and reversing the aging process and creating optimum health.

For the past ten years, in addition to his busy telephone consultation practice, Dr. Smith’s primary focus has been on writing popular books that translate complex medical concepts into language the layperson can understand. A recently-completed book will be published in 2010. Entitled “Outsmarting the Number One Killer,” it explains how to use state-of-the-art testing and natural medicine to prevent and reverse atherosclerotically-driven heart attacks and strokes. “The GcMAF Book” represents Dr. Smith’s most recent writing effort.

Dr. Smith does aerobic gardening, plays the electric bass, travels widely, and resides in the rural Russian River Valley wine country just north of Sebastopol, California, with his wife, Dellie, his two daughters, and their two dogs and two cats.

Meet Dr. Nabuto Yamamoto:



Dr. Nobuto Yamamoto was born in Japan on April 25, 1925. Though accepted to three medical schools, he chose to focus on biochemistry in graduate school.

After graduation he served as associate professor at Gifu Medical School, Japan until 1959.

Visiting scientist in the Microbiology Group at the Institute for Cancer Research (Fox Cancer Center), Philadelphia, PA, from 1959 to 1961; studied the genetic evolution of bacterial viruses.

1964: joined the faculty at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, as Head of Virology and Genetics of the Fels Cancer Research Institute where he served until 1980.

In 1980 Dr. Yamamoto was appointed professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Hahnemann University School of Medicine, where he continued to study viral evolution and revived his graduate study of immunology from 35 years before. His immunological studies emphasized mechanism of macrophage activation and discovered GcMAF.

When Dr. Yamamoto retired from Hahnemann University in 1990, he was asked to return to Temple University Medical School as a Research Professor of Biochemistry. There he studied the tumoricidal capacity of macrophages activated by GcMAF and cancer therapy with GcMAF.

In 1994 Dr. Yamamoto became the founder and director of the Socrates Institute for Therapeutic Immunology, where he continues to study the therapeutic efficacy of Macrophage activity and the role of GcMAF for a variety of cancers and HIV.

To make a donation supporting Dr. Yamamoto’s work as opposed to the American Cancer Society, you could send a contribution to: Socrates Institute for Therapeutic Immunology, 1040 66th Ave Philadelphia, PA 19126-3305.

Finally, here is my recent report on this subject given on my radio show, “The Story Behind the Story”, unedited and commercial-free.