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Miracles from Heaven

My sweetheart and I had the privilege of viewing Columbia Picture’s newly released movie “Miracles from Heaven” yesterday, Easter Sunday.  What a treat!  The film was very well done – focusing on the eternal philosophical questions of Faith vs. Science, and Dogmatic Religion vs. Pure Spirituality.  Indeed, miracles do indeed happen every minute of every day.  Human Life itself is a miracle that all too often goes unnoticed.

The film concludes with Christy Beam (played by actress Jennifer Garner) addressing her local church congregation with a significant group of media personnel in attendance.  She tells the crowd that she doesn’t know why her daughter was healed, while there are millions of other innocent young children suffering and dying worldwide.  The movie doesn’t give the answer, only poses the question.

The answer to that conundrum can be found in the pages of the Holy Bible.  Jesus Christ, aka Immanuel (god with us),  during His mortal advent and ministry, clearly had the power to heal EVERYONE suffering from such things as leprosy, blindness, etc. in one massive blanket healing event, but He did not do so.  He healed only those he specifically CHOSE to heal for His single, divine purposes.  For instance, in the Gospel of John, Chapter 9 we learn that Jesus happens to pass by a man “blind from birth”.  His disciples, looking upon the blind man, ask the prevailing question tied to logic-driven “cause and effect” of worldly principles – they ask Jesus: “Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?”   Just as certain women in Christy’s church wrongfully wondered aloud that Anna was likely not being healed because of some unresolved sin in the family. The truth is just as Jesus declared in response to His disciples that day: “Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.”

In Acts 4:30 we learn that the gift of being miraculously healed is exclusively to manifest the “signs and wonders” of the Messiah Jesus.  Notice that the man born blind from birth was NOT a follower or disciple of Jesus of Nazareth in his his original blind state.  In other words, he was not a “believer”.  He didn’t ask to be healed, he only followed Christ’s instructions to wash the clay off his eyes at the pool with a “what have I got to lose” attitude.  He probably was simply in the right place at the right time, and yet was miraculously healed.  Without a doubt he BECAME a believer after truly seeing the world for the first time.  And that is the key.  While Anna was miraculously healed, it doesn’t mean she is now immortal and will not eventually age and die like other mortals.

It must be understood that true miracles of this sort happen for one simple reason – that the Truth of Christ and His Grace is glorified and His Name magnified.  It is not about glorifying and promoting a Church of Men or their supposed “priesthood”.  It is solely about Christ and His Glory alone.

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Finicum’s Folly and Bundy Blunders

The widow of LaVoy Finicum is continuously threatening a wrongful death lawsuit.  Protest rallies supporting her and the Bundy clan have been, and will undoubtedly continue to be staged, at such places as the Utah State Capitol, (where a high school choir was asked to sing the National Anthem without full disclosure of who they were actually promoting by their singing) over Finicum’s alleged “assassination”.    Oddly, these fine, upstanding, highly vocal “patriots” claim to stand for TRUTH and FREEDOM – yet seem to have no problem breaking the law and putting themselves and others in harm’s way.

Listen to “Wild Bill” explain very rationally and clearly the gist of the problem and clear hypocrisy exhibited by the Bundy boys and their blind followers.  Never forget that Oregon State Troopers are Americans too, and also have their rights to life and liberty as well as the Bundy clan.

Nothing has been “hidden” and/or “covered up” as some have claimed.  Here is the complete footage of both the officers in the police footage “synced” with cell phone footage taken by the suspects.  You decide if excessive force was indeed used to enforce arrest warrants upon a truck full of fleeing, uncooperative “suspects”.  Or, is “Wild Bill” right on point, and telling the truth on this subject – that this was done successfully to AVOID excessive violence and bloodshed of innocents?