No, this is not some clever acronym using the letters S. A. T. A. N.   – it is literally a “Satan Club” for Elementary School kids as reported today in the Salt Lake Tribune.   See

Salt Lake City is home to one of 20 state “chapters” of the Salem Massachusetts based “Satanic Temple”.   On their website,, they claim to be a more “progressive” form of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan.   Apparently, Salt Lake City’s Granite School District officials see no harm in exposing young children ages 5-12 years old with a lavish “snaketivity” replacing the Christmas “nativity” during the holidays, promoting sexual freedoms including experimenting with same-sex “attractions”, abortion on demand, and other wonderful “progressive Satanic” Agendas cloaked in the mantra of “promoting critical thinking”.

Or maybe the School District officials see no harm in Temples displaying inverted pentagrams since they too are commonly seen on LDS Temples in SLC and other localities in Mormon Utah?

At least the Satanic Temple is honestly transparent with who they are – and not masquerading as a wholesome “Christian” Church.

Of course, to most “progressive” intellectuals, Satan is just a mythical boogeyman, and doesn’t actually exist – so—-