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Poor Chicken Little.  He thought for sure the sky was falling when that acorn blew off the oak tree and hit him square on his noggin.  (Similar to that apple that hit Isaac Newton perhaps?).   Terrified, Chicken Little immediately ran to spread the horrible news around the barnyard.  Henney Penney, his mama, immediately started spreading fear as well, whispering the calamitous news to her best friend Ducky Lucky.  In terror, they left the protection of the barnyard to go tell the King that he needed to immediately install a Planetary Defense Coordination Office to protect the entire world.   However, the King was way too busy to meet with them, so he directed them to his NASA chief, the shrewd Foxey Loxey.   Foxey Loxey absolutely loved Chicken and Duck.  He dutifully escorted the panic stricken trio into his personal inter-office Den, and they were never heard from again!!

Believe it or not, NASA (aka National Association of Satanists and Atheists) has created yet another ingenious plan for their various  fraudulent foxes to luxuriously line their dens with our tax monies with yet another bogus scheme.  Millions of dollars have been  appropriated just last year to form something called the Planetary Defense Coordination Office, (PDCO).    What is the PDCO’s primary goal?  To save the planet from the same fate that killed the dinosaurs – an asteroid impact!!  That’s right friends.   First of all, keep in mind that the extinction event that THEORETICALLY caused the demise of the massive reptiles that left fossil remains so very long ago, (NOT) according to NASA’s colleagues in paleontology, was the impact of very large asteroid colliding with the spinning globe named earth eons ago!

First of all, the massive asteroid collision scenario is a tenuous theory at best.   There is a very convincing body of evidence in the fossil record that completely disproves that idea.  Instead, it highly suggests that the demise of the dinosaurs was due to a MASSIVE WORLDWIDE FLOOD OF WATER AND MUD – mud that entombed many of the reptilian beasts with food still in their mouths.  What about the biblical account of Noah and the flood?  Could not this be what caused the “extinction event”?  All of the dinosaur fossils have been extracted from sedimentary rock, which is indicative of a massive flood event engulfing them.  But then if the Bible is true, then NASA would simply be out of a job.

In the PDCO, they are focusing on searching for, and analyzing potentially hazardous objects (PHOs) and looking for the elusive willow-the-wisps they call Near Earth Objects, (NEOs).  NEO is dangerous after all.  NASA needs to keep us all safe.  NEO can bring down their MATRIX.


Planetary Defense organization chart

Now the question must be asked.  What does “The Science Guy” who is a NASA paid shill mean when he tells us that the “earth is a CLOSED system.”  Does this mean that the Bible is correct and there is indeed a STRUCTURE called a Firmament surrounding the earth?  Could this be why NASA is spending all of this moolah and has nothing to show We The People except for a computer graphic showing all of the meteor (i.e. small asteroids) that hit the Van Allen belt (aka The Firmament and were destroyed in fireballs?

Small Asteroids that Disintegrated in Earth’s Atmosphere

Here is Bill Nye telling us that we really can’t leave Earth’s atmosphere and go into deep space.  And then listen carefully to the BIG GOOF slipped during a fraudulent airing of the International Space Station (ISS).  They are supposedly orbiting the globular earth – yet the truth slips out that they are in reality broadcasting from a Hollywood set.   OOPS.


Michael Hayden Takes His Cofer Black

What do these men have in common besides they could be twins? They are literally the face of Top Secret America.


The man on the left’s name is Cofer Black.   The fellow on the right is General Michael Hayden.   If America was to be indicted under international war crimes for the atrocities it committed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, under the disguise of the “War on Terror” – these two gentlemen would be the top defendants.     For the complete story on how Israel was involved in molding U.S. policy in this area, under the “watch” of these two individuals, I highly recommend the book titled: “The Power of Israel in the United States”  by James Petras.   It truly is a “Must Read” if you want to know who (or what) is really in charge of “Top Secret America”.

Yesterday, Wednesday Oct. 11, 2017, Michael Hayden, (former director of “Dubya’s” CIA and the director of the NSA who implemented the bulk of the domestic surveillance policies that caused Ed Snowden to come forward and whistleblow, then become a “man without a country”) was received with open arms and given a hero’s welcome on the Utah Valley University campus (the heart of Utah Mormonism’s “Happy Valley).   It figures.  Few in Happy Valley would ever protest the individual who orchestrated and fabricated numerous false “intelligence” reports concerning Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction” in order to dupe American Public Opinion into tacit support of the invasion of Iraq.   Fewer still would be cognizant of Hayden’s instructions to fellow Israeli lackey Black on how to construct “above top secret” bases of prison and torture around the world – and how they would be operated by CIA spooks and criminal operatives, i.e. “The Men Who Stare at Goats”.   Nobody at UVU would ever accuse the esteemed General of being the key component in the mass murder of innocent civilians.  After all, these victims are foreigners and likely MUSLIMS to boot.  Who cares if they are destroyed?

The Salt Lake Tribune covered Hayden’s presentation at UVU.

Here are a few examples of Hayden hyperbole and utter hypocrisy:

“Russia’s covert influence campaign in the 2016 U.S. election is an incredibly big deal,” Hayden said. “How can we prevent this from happening again? Such campaigns exploit fractures in society,” he explained. “This country should return to a time when people could agree to disagree.” “We need to heal ourselves,” he said, “and not disparage people who don’t agree with us.”   Oh really, General??  How can you say that without having your nose grow 20 feet?  Under your watch America did a helluva lot more than merely “interfere” with politics.  You didn’t “disparage” people who disagreed with the U.S. – you annihilated them.    You masterminded the overthrow and killing of national sovereign state leaders who you “disagreed” with.   Your covert funding of ISIS and provocation of “civil war” in Syria is ongoing yet today, and now involves Russia in a potential prelude to WWIII.  Do you have no conscience whatsoever?

“Kim Jong Un is not crazy but rational,” Hayden said, “and he will never give up his nuclear arsenal.”

“He’s seen the movie,” Hayden said referring to Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein and Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, who had surrendered nukes only to pay with their lives.    Hayden is truly THE ULTIMATE AUTHORITY on that topic, as he not only wrote the script, but directed the screenplay.

And finally, listen to this:  “The United States must find its place in the New World Order”, Hayden said. “Many nations look to this country and wonder what our role will be in the future.”

Yes, folks, the “New World Order” is not coming, it is here now, and is alive and well.

In conclusion, here is what Hayden had to say concerning Edward Snowden:  “Snowden is a CRIMINAL a treasonous defector – a troubled young man — morally arrogant to a tremendous degree — but a troubled young man.”

Funny.  They were once close colleagues.   It appears one man has a conscience, and one has a Reprobate Mind.

In formal tuxes and big smiles. Hay-den and Snow-den at a gala event

Yes, you read that right friends – $21 TRILLION United States Federal Reserve Notes are missing and unaccounted for in the dealings of the Department of Defense (DOD) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD)!  How can this possibly be?  That’s over $65,000 for every man, woman and child living in these United States!!!

This is the incredible yet inevitable conclusion reached by government watchdog Katherine Austin Fitts, and independently verified by a private investigation and audit conducted by an economics professor (Dr. Mark Skidmore) at Michigan State University through dozens of Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) filings and demands, and his team of graduate students.   You can check this detailed report out and see the accounting evidence trails for yourself.  You can read it and weep, in other words.

Our current POTUS – Donald Drumph (Trump) is merely a billionaire thanks to his highly unethical leveraging of bankruptcies (where he purposefully defrauded construction contractors and workers) and cozy dealings with Jewish Mafia crime lords and massive Jewish bank loans in Jew York City.  And THIS is the sewage-loving swamp rat who promised voters to drain the swamp called Washington District of Criminals (D.C.)??  It’s laughable and totally absurd, yet it is the reality we face.

Just how much is one TRILLION dollars, folks?  Take a look at this little video below.  (I will give the video producer a break for his using NASA numbers for the distances to the moon and the sun)  –  imagine spending $1 million USD every single day since the birth of Jesus to the present day, and you would have only spent $750 billion.

Remember Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld’s press conference on the eve of the highly successful Israeli false flag/Psy Op attack on the WTC?  Apparently $2.3 trillion is just the tip of the iceberg.  ABC News’ Vince Gonzalez did a report where he focused on two DOD whistleblowing accountants who testified that the numbers were higher – and yet Gonzalez’s report was never followed up on.

Then we have Dana Priest and her incredibly compelling report on government spending designed specifically to beef up “National Security” while eroding personal civil freedoms following September 11.   Her report is titled: “Top Secret America” and PBS turned it into a short documentary film (See below).    Yet, even with all these trillions of dollars spent, we still have psy-op “terror” attacks in Las Vegas and other venues still happening like clockwork?  How is that even remotely possible unless it is indeed the shadowy “Deep State” orchestrating it all??  Can you spell Criminal Enterprise and War Against We The People??  (Oh yes, BTW – as you watch the PBS film below, remember Mr. Cofer Black and his role in the deep state buildup?  He is LDS (Mormon, as are many CIA agents), president of Blackwater the PRIVATE mercenary firm, and was to be a key cog in Willard Mittens Romney’s cabinet (projected to be director of national security) if Romney’s presidential bid was successful.  See my earlier blog titled Why America is Sick and Getting Sicker to understand why this is problematic.)

It seems the concept of “One Nation, Under God” and “To The Republic for which it (the U.S. flag) stands” are increasingly false words and meaningless rhetoric, instead of a solemn pledge.   Just another nutty “conspiracy” here folks.  Nothing to concern yourself with.  Go ahead.   Pop open another Budweiser and watch your favorite NFL players disrespect the nation’s flag while the country goes to hell.

We The People have gotten EXACTLY what We deserve.