Yes, you read that right friends – $21 TRILLION United States Federal Reserve Notes are missing and unaccounted for in the dealings of the Department of Defense (DOD) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD)!  How can this possibly be?  That’s over $65,000 for every man, woman and child living in these United States!!!

This is the incredible yet inevitable conclusion reached by government watchdog Katherine Austin Fitts, and independently verified by a private investigation and audit conducted by an economics professor (Dr. Mark Skidmore) at Michigan State University through dozens of Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) filings and demands, and his team of graduate students.   You can check this detailed report out and see the accounting evidence trails for yourself.  You can read it and weep, in other words.

Our current POTUS – Donald Drumph (Trump) is merely a billionaire thanks to his highly unethical leveraging of bankruptcies (where he purposefully defrauded construction contractors and workers) and cozy dealings with Jewish Mafia crime lords and massive Jewish bank loans in Jew York City.  And THIS is the sewage-loving swamp rat who promised voters to drain the swamp called Washington District of Criminals (D.C.)??  It’s laughable and totally absurd, yet it is the reality we face.

Just how much is one TRILLION dollars, folks?  Take a look at this little video below.  (I will give the video producer a break for his using NASA numbers for the distances to the moon and the sun)  –  imagine spending $1 million USD every single day since the birth of Jesus to the present day, and you would have only spent $750 billion.

Remember Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld’s press conference on the eve of the highly successful Israeli false flag/Psy Op attack on the WTC?  Apparently $2.3 trillion is just the tip of the iceberg.  ABC News’ Vince Gonzalez did a report where he focused on two DOD whistleblowing accountants who testified that the numbers were higher – and yet Gonzalez’s report was never followed up on.

Then we have Dana Priest and her incredibly compelling report on government spending designed specifically to beef up “National Security” while eroding personal civil freedoms following September 11.   Her report is titled: “Top Secret America” and PBS turned it into a short documentary film (See below).    Yet, even with all these trillions of dollars spent, we still have psy-op “terror” attacks in Las Vegas and other venues still happening like clockwork?  How is that even remotely possible unless it is indeed the shadowy “Deep State” orchestrating it all??  Can you spell Criminal Enterprise and War Against We The People??  (Oh yes, BTW – as you watch the PBS film below, remember Mr. Cofer Black and his role in the deep state buildup?  He is LDS (Mormon, as are many CIA agents), president of Blackwater the PRIVATE mercenary firm, and was to be a key cog in Willard Mittens Romney’s cabinet (projected to be director of national security) if Romney’s presidential bid was successful.  See my earlier blog titled Why America is Sick and Getting Sicker to understand why this is problematic.)

It seems the concept of “One Nation, Under God” and “To The Republic for which it (the U.S. flag) stands” are increasingly false words and meaningless rhetoric, instead of a solemn pledge.   Just another nutty “conspiracy” here folks.  Nothing to concern yourself with.  Go ahead.   Pop open another Budweiser and watch your favorite NFL players disrespect the nation’s flag while the country goes to hell.

We The People have gotten EXACTLY what We deserve.