What do these men have in common besides they could be twins? They are literally the face of Top Secret America.


The man on the left’s name is Cofer Black.   The fellow on the right is General Michael Hayden.   If America was to be indicted under international war crimes for the atrocities it committed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, under the disguise of the “War on Terror” – these two gentlemen would be the top defendants.     For the complete story on how Israel was involved in molding U.S. policy in this area, under the “watch” of these two individuals, I highly recommend the book titled: “The Power of Israel in the United States”  by James Petras.   It truly is a “Must Read” if you want to know who (or what) is really in charge of “Top Secret America”.

Yesterday, Wednesday Oct. 11, 2017, Michael Hayden, (former director of “Dubya’s” CIA and the director of the NSA who implemented the bulk of the domestic surveillance policies that caused Ed Snowden to come forward and whistleblow, then become a “man without a country”) was received with open arms and given a hero’s welcome on the Utah Valley University campus (the heart of Utah Mormonism’s “Happy Valley).   It figures.  Few in Happy Valley would ever protest the individual who orchestrated and fabricated numerous false “intelligence” reports concerning Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction” in order to dupe American Public Opinion into tacit support of the invasion of Iraq.   Fewer still would be cognizant of Hayden’s instructions to fellow Israeli lackey Black on how to construct “above top secret” bases of prison and torture around the world – and how they would be operated by CIA spooks and criminal operatives, i.e. “The Men Who Stare at Goats”.   Nobody at UVU would ever accuse the esteemed General of being the key component in the mass murder of innocent civilians.  After all, these victims are foreigners and likely MUSLIMS to boot.  Who cares if they are destroyed?

The Salt Lake Tribune covered Hayden’s presentation at UVU.   http://www.sltrib.com/news/2017/10/11/former-nsa-director-michael-hayden-us-must-define-its-role-in-new-world-order/

Here are a few examples of Hayden hyperbole and utter hypocrisy:

“Russia’s covert influence campaign in the 2016 U.S. election is an incredibly big deal,” Hayden said. “How can we prevent this from happening again? Such campaigns exploit fractures in society,” he explained. “This country should return to a time when people could agree to disagree.” “We need to heal ourselves,” he said, “and not disparage people who don’t agree with us.”   Oh really, General??  How can you say that without having your nose grow 20 feet?  Under your watch America did a helluva lot more than merely “interfere” with politics.  You didn’t “disparage” people who disagreed with the U.S. – you annihilated them.    You masterminded the overthrow and killing of national sovereign state leaders who you “disagreed” with.   Your covert funding of ISIS and provocation of “civil war” in Syria is ongoing yet today, and now involves Russia in a potential prelude to WWIII.  Do you have no conscience whatsoever?

“Kim Jong Un is not crazy but rational,” Hayden said, “and he will never give up his nuclear arsenal.”

“He’s seen the movie,” Hayden said referring to Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein and Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, who had surrendered nukes only to pay with their lives.    Hayden is truly THE ULTIMATE AUTHORITY on that topic, as he not only wrote the script, but directed the screenplay.

And finally, listen to this:  “The United States must find its place in the New World Order”, Hayden said. “Many nations look to this country and wonder what our role will be in the future.”

Yes, folks, the “New World Order” is not coming, it is here now, and is alive and well.

In conclusion, here is what Hayden had to say concerning Edward Snowden:  “Snowden is a CRIMINAL a treasonous defector – a troubled young man — morally arrogant to a tremendous degree — but a troubled young man.”

Funny.  They were once close colleagues.   It appears one man has a conscience, and one has a Reprobate Mind.

In formal tuxes and big smiles. Hay-den and Snow-den at a gala event