Creation and Biblical Geocentricism

The Old Testament is a form of legal document memorializing and declaring to all humanity God’s divine OWNERSHIP of heaven and earth.  The very first verse of the entire Bible declares unequivocally that “In the Beginning GOD CREATED the heavens and the earth.” This means He, as the CREATOR OF ALL is the legal owner. The earth is HIS footstool, and He, and nobody else, is Lord of this Vineyard.   Furthermore, it clearly spells out exactly and precisely the specific steps and process of this creation process as further tangible proof of His ownership rights. Thus the Old Testament book of Genesis is legal proof of patent.

Step 1. Through the POWER of His voice, His Spirit “moved upon the face of the waters” and created LIGHT and separated LIGHT from DARKNESS. Notice this was done BEFORE the sun was ever created.

Step 2. Likewise, He CREATED a FIRMAMENT (from Hebrew Raqya meaning solid structure, or covering) to divide “the waters from the waters” and He called this “Firmament” Heaven.

Step 3. He caused the waters under the firmament to gather together.  Then once again He CREATED and caused “the dry land (Earth) to appear” and the separated waters remaining (two thirds of the original flat water plane) He called “Seas.” Concurrent with this, He CREATED and planted all seeds we today call the flora.

Step 4. This next step is THE key step to fully understand and embrace with wisdom and understanding. Remember, the Heavens, and Earth were already created and set in place. There is no mention of the word “planet” at all in describing the earth. We are told elsewhere in the bible, that the earth is fixed and motionless. We must understand that the earth was already growing trees and other plants well before the SUN was even created here in the 4th step. Genesis 1:14 tells us: And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years. These lights are the sun and the moon. They are clearly (observably so) the same diameter in size, and the same distance away (in the firmament) and were primarily created as accurate measurement devices (a massive “clock” if you will)  to determine the sequences of the day/night, seasons, and days and years. THIS CLEARLY MEANS THEY MUST BE DOING THE MOVING, not the solid, unmoving earth.  So you see, this solid, unmoving earth, with a clock-like moving, circuitous sun, moon, and stars set in a finite FIRMAMENT is what constitutes the BIBLICAL GEOCENTRIC MODEL.  Furthermore, if the earth is unmoving, it cannot be a spinning globe.  This is either the foundational truth upon which hangs the entire bible and its credibility, or it is the malicious lie that is the core pillar of one big massive fraud called Christianity.

Step 5: He CREATED all swimming things in the water, and all birds in the air.

Step 6: He CREATED the earth-based animals in all their variety. Then, as His final crowning act of Creation, he Created MAN in His own image.

Step 7: He RESTED from His Labors.

The entire Bible is CONSISTENT in support of these core creation pillars. For instance, in Joshua 10 we read that the Sun stopped its movement at the request of Joshua. If the scripture said the earth stopped spinning, then we have a problem with Genesis 1:14, don’t we? God also explained to Job that the shape of the earth is like “clay turned to a seal” (or the shape left behind after being pressed under an ancient signet ring.) (Job 38:14) In other words, the Bible clarifies that the motionless, non-spinning earth is NOT even a spheroid at all.    Here are samples of “clay turned to a seal” during the time of Job:

This, then, is the core, legally-binding TESTAMENT – firm and basic in its primal declarations. It is the cornerstone and foundation of EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE REST OF THE BIBLE! Without this foundational truth of the process of creation and its inherent “contract” with the first man Adam, there can be no “fall of Adam” when Adam broke his caretaker’s contract and disobeyed the owner. Without the fall of Adam, there is no original sin or CURSE of DEATH plaguing the entire Human race. If there is no Original sin, then there is no need for REDEMPTION. If there is no need of REDEMPTION, there is no need for a Savior. If there is no need for a SAVIOR – Jesus of Nazareth was/is a fraud and imposter. Ergo there is no “end of days” and there is no need to worry about “judgement”. Is this logic flawed, or does it accurately give a summation of all biblical historic links and patterns from start to finish?

Consider the heliocentric vs geocentric “debate” as a sort of vitally important JURY TRIAL   Each human being should picture themselves as an impartial, objective JUROR, hearing all the evidence from all sides in order to ascertain truth, or the motivations behind the LIES.  If evidence is willfully and/or maliciously withheld, the honest judge must order a MISTRIAL – or it becomes a discriminatory and criminal  “kangaroo court” affair. The TESTAMENT wherein God has declared His rights to ownership are clearly laid out in DEFENSE EXHIBIT 1: The 1st Chapter of Genesis.

Now the ADVERSARY – the being who is “the Father of all Lies” has since time began sought to IMPUGN and DISCREDIT DEFENSE EXHIBIT 1 so that HE can falsely claim ownership and title to God’s lawful creation. In this endeavor, the false, slick-talking thief (aka BAAL, Satan, Lucifer, etc.) will bring all manner of “expert witnesses” to the witness stand. They will present all manner of “expert opinions” and even “scientific formulae” in order to discredit the 1st Chapter of Genesis.  They will use skilled magicians and slight of hand “magic” to dupe the jury.  They will use mass media and “popular opinion” to sway the jury too.

This contemptuous “liar from the beginning” will skillfully attempt to “prove beyond any reasonable doubt” that DEFENSE EXHIBIT 1 is completely false and fictional – and thus the OWNERSHIP CLAIM of the True Creator should be summarily rejected. This is what occurred anciently as “Baal Worship” in ancient ornate “temples” and is ongoing in full steam today – 2018.

So why is this understanding of the biblical vs. scientism cosmology so very important to the Christian? Because any competent attorney will tell you that if even ONE PART of a SWORN TESTAMENT, aka AFFIDAVAIT is shown to be false and/or misleading, then the entire testimony is often ignored by the Jury.

So, my friends, this is why it MATTERS! Can’t you see it? By indoctrinating humans into accepting that the heliocentric model is true, and that the BIBLICAL COSMOLOGY is fictional WITHOUT CONSIDERING ALL THE EVIDENCE, the adversary wins a great victory. How?   Simple – the lie impugns and discredits the ENTIRE BIBLE FOUNDATION AND THE VERY REASON FOR ITS EXISTENCE.  Without this foundational anchor – literally anything goes. Homosexuality becomes a congenital right, not a conscious choice and a separating-from-God  “sin.” Abortion is no longer morally offensive. Evolution takes center stage. God is MOCKED and the sacrifice of His Only Begotten Son is rendered void and meaningless.

Take a look at this 1955 Disney “educational” film shown in virtually every classroom in America during the late fifties and mid 60’s.  I remember seeing this myself back in grade school – and I remember how it made me question the bible – even back then.   This is called predictive programming, and nowhere is God and geocentric creation mentioned of course.  Instead, Disney very skillfully mocks any early philosopher who believed the earth was just as the bible teaches – a flat plane with a firmament covering it – and that above the firmament – we have BLUE WATER.

Why do the vast majority of people worldwide BELIEVE and/or KNOW that the earth is a spinning globe and man walked on the moon?  Do your research – NASA teamed with 33rd Degree Mason -Walt Disney and Stanley Kubrick in 1969 – and they made a most believable fantasy film in a special Hollywood movie set.  A complicit media sold the fantasy as reality TV.  The rest is history.

Then take a gander at the second Disney production “Tomorrow the Moon” and ask yourself why it is that convicted war criminal – the high-ranking NAZI SS OFFICER Werner Von Braun, (who helped rain explosives down on Britain during WWII,) and somehow holds the post of the head of NASA’s rocketry/space exploration sector, is narrating this Disney film in the first place?

“Imagineering” takes on a whole new meaning from the halls of the “Magic Kingdom” doesn’t it?  Notice the graphics and the “weightless” environment on the “ship”.  Modern NASA imagineering on the ISS has hardly improved on Disney’s special effects – except they added color.