Oh My!!  Just when you think the Soetoro Saga couldn’t get any stranger – we the people get this.

Remember a guy named Larry Sinclair who was silenced permanently because of his allegations back in 2008 concerning being Barry’s homosexual lover and drug mule?  I remember him saying that he knew “a secret about the Obamas” that if he would be granted protection, he would fully reveal it.  He never had the chance!!   Remember Reggie Love?  What’s the “Story Behind the Story” concerning Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama’s shameless promotion of Gay and Lesbian marriage, and why is it that federal judges are so blatantly striking down State traditional marriage laws?  Why did Newsweek christen Obama “America’s First GAY President”??

Could the real reason be that Michelle is really MICHAEL??   Can you imagine the laughs they have had about the way they have fooled the American people.   It would appear that “Michael” is actually more masculine (the BUTCH) than Barack!

I know – at first blush this story sound completely ludicrous.  I submit it just shows how powerful the media is in brainwashing the public.  Look at this story objectively, and weigh the evidence presented, however.  Consider who is telling the story – and their qualifications.  Then decide.  I had to watch this twice – and where at first I was skeptical – now I personally am mad as hell.   I don’t like being lied to – do you?

And then this clip:

You know – it all makes sense now.   HELLO!