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Exploring the Spectrum Power Point Slides

Per all the requests, I am posting the slides of my PPT presentation at the Denver convention last week.

Here ya go!

Light TherapyPPT

The amazing little 4 minute video below sums up why music is so very vital to the Christian walk and how it indeed has the means to connect humanity to deity in a powerful manner.

It fails to mention the deeper truths, however.  Truths such as when the brain is in meditation and prayer modality, and when the brain waves are collectively “tuned” to pulse at multiple 12 hz. cycles, (remember 432 hz. is 12 hz. times 12 hz. times three) the brain’s PINEAL GLAND is awakened and activated.  The pineal gland of the brain, when thus awakened and exercised on a daily, or even weekly basis, then produces various chemicals substances called hormones and hormone precursors – not the least of which are the incredible substances known as pinoline and DMT.

Research shows that the typical pineal gland pretty much shuts down and begins to calcify when puberty is reached.   Healthy pre-pubescent children are typically full of pineal-gland hormones.  Remember that Christ taught His disciples that they (we) “must become as little children” in order to “enter the Kingdom of Heaven”.  (See Matthew 18:3 and 19:14)  He also said we must be “born again”.   Could a big part of this equation be the physical activation of a fully functioning pineal gland – just as it functions in “little children”?

Pinoline is well documented as being the primary hormone that is virtually nonexistent in the blood of individuals suffering from clinical depression and other stress-related mental illnesses such as dementia and post-traumatic stress syndrome.  Hundreds of research studies have shown that pinoline is also the primary hormone responsible for DNA repair and regeneration at the cellular level.   In layman’s terms – pinoline is the veritable fountain of youth – i.e. the “anti-aging” hormone.    It is also, very likely the most important natural healing element the body could ever produce.

And what of DMT – the so-called “God Chemical” that skeptics say is the only rational explanation for producing “hallucinations of God” during near-death phenomenon?  (Could it be that DMT is responsible for opening up the “tunnel to heaven” where one meets God, rather than producing a meaningless illusion as non-believers claim?)   Get this – early research suggests that pineal secretions of DMT stimulate certain unused areas of the brain and thus potentially expands intellectual capacity from the typical 10% brain access up to as much as 40%.    This has to be chilling and sobering news to the elite ruling class of this planet.  As John D. Rockefeller so infamously declared: “We (the global elite) do not need intellectuals in this country – we only need workers!”

It is therefore little wonder that 432 hz. music was marginalized and officially changed to 440 hz. by John D. Rockefeller and his “illuminated ones” in spite of vociferous objections by professional musicians.

In summation, it is now scientifically proven that when one alters the standing wave musical root of 12 hz., (A = 432) the pineal gland remains inert and inactive. Conversely, when exposed to 12 hz. multiple standing waves, (such as 432 hz.) the pineal gland becomes activated.   Without fully functioning pineal glands, the masses are systemically dumbed down and become spiritually disconnected from their one true God – their Creator.  Depression and mental illness becomes epidemic and prescription drugs rule over natural healing methodology.

Who but the eternal adversary to God rejoices at THAT scenario?

432 Hz. Music – The Spiritual Connection to Creation

It is a difficult task at times to adequately communicate verbally eternal truths that are experienced on a deeply spiritual plane.  More often than not, people tend to make false judgements based on their subjectively carnal experiences.   So it is with the spiritual connection to “worship” music that is tuned to 432 hertz.   The atheist and/or carnal-minded false religionist will quickly label such a discussion as “new age mumbo jumbo” or worse, in order to protect and defend their current paradigm of thought.

In a concise nutshell, what this post is about is the critically important process of sanctification of the true Christian – truths which are embodied in Jesus’  great intercessory prayer found in John Chapter 17.   It is simply not enough to call oneself a fully sanctified “christian” by going to church on Sunday and saying the “sinner’s prayer” in front of one’s pastor and congregation (though that is an important first step).  It’s also not about “living a good life” and falsely thinking that performing daily “good works” somehow “earns” heavenly bliss in the next life – i.e. the fatally flawed concept that God OWES you because you are full of good works.   The process of sanctification is so very much more than that!

First of all, pure, sanctifying connection to God cannot happen if one fails to learn and clearly understand the true nature and substance of the Godhead itself.   God is most definitely not some “perfected man” sitting on a throne somewhere in the cosmos who can only communicate with a single earthly mouthpiece called a prophet or a pope who in turn charades as “god’s omnipotent mouthpiece” to the people.  That is a most despicable and damning falsehood.     One must understand the basic rudiments of quantum physics in order to clearly understand exactly how Christ is also the Father and also the Holy Spirit.   With this understanding, the “mystery” of John Chapter 17 and sanctification can be totally understood, and more importantly – utilized by mankind.  The end result is God is glorified, and the carnal human can only then literally become His Child – and thus, His heir.

Consider the following interview of University of Oregon physics professor Amit Goswami (author of the book “The Conscious Universe) by Craig Hamilton:

Goswami: From the beginning of the field of Quantum physics in the year 1900, physicists have indicated that we can change our perspective of things. From 1982 came results from a Lab experiment in France where Alain Aspect and his colleagues conducted an experiment that could show the connection between quantums to a higher dimension.

In this experiment, an atom produced two photons which went in opposite directions. Afterwards, these photons still influenced one another without exchanging any type of signals. What is significant here is that these two particles influenced one another after this separation without exchanging signals. When the rotation of one of the two photons was altered, the rotation of the other changed accordingly and in a measurable way.  (What is significant here is the proven fact that multiple entities (photons are the building blocks of all physical matter) can co-exist in higher and/or lower dimension of time and space.   God, as the creator of the very multiverse in which we are mere observers, can in His own prescribed timing form an “only BEGOTTEN Son” – i.e. clothe HIMSELF in flesh, be born of an earthly mother, and yet still co-exist while living on the earth dimension simultaneously as GOD THE FATHER in a higher dimension of existence – or what the Prophet Enoch said was the “7th Heaven”.  Then, as expressed clearly in the 17th Chapter of John, leave yet another form of the Father to dwell with humanity – the “Holy Spirit” – which is also the Father, and the Son —– Ott)   

Einstein proved long ago that two objects in space and time can never influence one another immediately as everything can only function within the maximum speed that is the speed of light. (Which is 432 squared, or 432 times 432.) It was thought that every signal is bound to space and only needs a certain amount of time to move itself through space. Photons freed from atoms in the course of an experiment can influence one another in a particular territorial distance within the blink of an eye, quicker than the speed of light. In conclusion, this control element could not have moved itself through space and therefore it must be implied that the influence it had occurred in another dimension of time and space.

Hamilton: What was your special discovery?

Goswami: I was fortunate enough to recognize, via quantum physics, that all the paradoxes of this field could be solved once we take into account consciousness as the basis for all existence. I recognized that consciousness is the primary form of reality. A higher reality exists over our material cosmos which consists of consciousness energy.

The universe is a conscious universe which is generated via consciousness. Consciousness is the only reality that exisists outside of the physical space and time. Consciousness isn’t an ephiphany of material, rather a result of the brain. Consciousness doesn’t come from material, rather, it can influence material in and of itself. The world of manifestation comes from a transcendent world of ideas.

The brain researcher John Eccles identified that the nerve signals in the brain are based on quantum waves. Here is the big point of connection between the spiritual and the material world. The spirit is energy which is separate from the body which can affect the brain as the tiniest particle of our cosmos via quantum particles.”

Did you get that, dear reader?   “Quantum waves” are the big connection between our spiritual and material worlds according to Dr. Goswami. By definition, a quantum wave is a SPECIFIC HZ. WAVELENGTH by which quantum particles can be MOST EFFECTIVELY exchanged between higher and lower dimensions of time and space.  In other words, the 432 hz. frequency acts as a very real type of spiritual umbilical cord between God and man whereby the sanctification process can be greatly expedited.  Of course, other wavelengths such as 440 hz. can do so as well, but ONLY ON A MUCH LESSER DEGREE.   It’s like tuning in a radio channel on your transistor radio.  If one is fairly close to the wavelength, one can hear bits and pieces of the broadcasting “station” – but when the tuning is PRECISE – the signal is received much louder and much more clearer.

Nature itself  witnesses this truth – from the sounds of whales and other marine mammals to the resonance frequency of the earth’s ionosphere and magnetosphere – 432 hz. is clearly the “keynote” tone of the Creator.  His Creation testifies of this every second of every single day.  It is how He designed and “spoke” the cosmos into existence.  By “worshipping” Him through the wavelength of 432 hz, daily prayer and meditations become infinitely more effective and inter-connected.   It allows the human brain to more effectively transition from the STRESS of operating in the Beta wavelengths into the more spiritual and peaceful ALPHA and THETA wavelengths which is only where “sanctification” can occur.  It does this because the entire 432 hz wavelength is PREDICATED ON THE SACRED NUMBER OF 12 Hz.   (All music is based on a “scale” of 12 notes. 12 X 12 = 144 which equals the “new song” spoken of in a total of 9 scriptures in the Holy Bible.  144 x 3 (the Godhead number) equals 432.)   Truly, God is not a God who rules by means of chaos and chance.   He doesn’t roll dice.  His ways are precise.  When the human brain enters and “tunes” to 12 hz. “alpha” they connect to God.  432 hz. is 12 x 12 x 3.   It is the primal link He originally revealed to His beloved ones of old, such as the biblical David, and other “Psalmists” who KNEW the reality of God.


This, then, is the grand “mystery” that has been hidden from “the world” for ages – the final words of Christ’s prayer recorded in John 17:

“And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it: that the love wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them.

In conclusion, this is the ultimate goal and meaning of “sanctification” unto Christ Jesus:  To experience the ultimate meta-physical quantum event – THE PURE LOVE OF GOD – where Christ very literally enters into the physical body of the true believer, and they become ONE.

432 hz. is a powerful tool to assist the “Christian” body do just that!

Please, this is not “new-age” – but is the very core of pure Christian doctrine.

“May It Be”

May it be an evening star
Shines down upon you
May it be when darkness falls
Your heart will be true
You walk a lonely road
Oh! How far you are from home

Mornie utulie (Darkness has come)
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantie (Darkness has fallen)
A promise lives within you now

May it be the shadow’s call
Will fly away
May it be your journey on
To light the day
When the night is overcome
You may rise to find the sun

Mornie utulie (Darkness has come)
Believe and you will find your way

Mornie alantie (Darkness has fallen)
A promise lives within you now

A promise lives within you now

432 Hz. Music of the Cosmos

In an earlier post, I explained how the hz. frequency of magnesium, in essence the “Lamp of Life”, is the number 36.  I also explained that 36 is a “perfect 12th” (on the musical scale) of the hz. frequency registry of 432.   (36 X 12 = 432).   432 multiplied by 60 (the hz number of Calcium) gives us the number 25,920 – the exact number of years in the “grand procession” orbit of our solar system through the 12 stellar constellations of our mapped universe.

Did you know that scientists have discovered and recorded actual frequency sounds that are being emitted from the expanse of space?  Did you know that specific quasars, pulsars, and star systems are in fact pulsing and “singing” with a unique sound all their own, and are doing this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?  Did you know that the vast majority of these specific hz frequency sounds are all tuned to A = 432 hz?  In other words, when combined together, these cosmic notes perform music that harmonizes perfectly with the “celestial” or heavenly tone of 432 hz.  It is little wonder, now, how 432 hz. music brings greater spiritual “awareness” as it awakens the human soul and provides a more powerful spitual connection and conduit to God.

See this amazing video clip – and learn how whales and ancient Tibetan healing bowls likewise harmonize with the tone of A = 432:

This clip was posted on YouTube by a gentleman named Keith Groom.   He gives his story concerning his awakening to music specifically performed in the 432 key.   As a former Mormon, I must add that much of my awakening to biblical truth and to becoming sanctified by KNOWING and becoming ONE WITH the biblical Jesus of Nazareth came by way of music – in much the same way as Mr. Groom explains in his video.

For those with spiritual “ears to hear” – listen to Mr. Groom’s words, set to 432 music as a backdrop:


It seems that the inherent beauty of music performed with instruments tuned to 432 hz, especially the so-called “Classics”, is starting to resonate all over the world once again.  Could this be a spiritual awakening that this ailing planet sorely needs?

Without boring the reader with lots of math and science equations, let me just state what should be fairly obvious, EVERY INDIVIDUAL THING ON THIS PLANET, LIVING OR INERT, IS COMPOSED OF ATOMS which are vibrating and pulsing at specific frequencies.   As a bio-chemist, my professional source book is the Merck Index as well as the Periodic Table of the Elements.  The individual cells of the human body are basically composed of mineral chains, (compounds) and water molecules.  After extensive observation and research during the late 80’s and early 90’s where atomic frequency oscillations were measured and quantified, my colleagues and I extrapolated a simple, basic, numeric formula by which one could accurately determine the elemental hz frequency of a substance based on its specific atomic weight if elemental, or its combined molecular weight if a compound.  The formula is simply to multiply the individual atomic weight of an element by the number 1.4904752 – then round to the nearest non-decimal number.  So, for instance, to calculate the hz frequency of magnesium, take its atomic weight of 24.3050 and multiply it by 1.4904752.  The result is 36.226 hz, or rounded,  36 hz.  This has proven to be extremely accurate and measurable.

Magnesium is the core element of life on planet earth.  It forms the heart of the chlorophyll molecule – and without chlorophyll, there would be no plant life (flora) on earth.  With no flora, there in turn can be no fauna – or animal life.   The base hz. frequency of all intelligent life, it would then appear, is the hz. pulse number 36 which is magnesium – for this element is the primal link in the “food chain” of life on earth – both on land as well as in the oceans.

Music, you see, is a science all of its own, a science of numbers.  Songs are composed of a “scale” (aka a measuring device) of 12 systemic notes, which employs consistent beats or rhythms per MEASURE.  These rhythms combine with the notes to make a tune.   Words are often added, and the result is an ART FORM that has definite power to inspire the listener.   Is it important then for the base, core TUNE to be as harmonious to nature and its DIVINE CREATION as possible?  I submit the answer should be a resounding YES, if you understand the science of numbers!  (If you are a nihilist and subscribe to the mindset that there is no God, and thus no divine creation – then this discussion is moot and immaterial – even ludicrous.)

Lets look at the numbers inherent in the creation of life on this planet.   When one multiples the magnesium number 36 with the musical scale number of 12 (12 X 36) you get the number 432.   Then when you multiply 432 by the CALCIUM hz number 60 (which is the basic measurement number of time – as in seconds and minutes in an hour) you get the number 25,920 – which just happens to be the exact number of years it takes for the solar system to complete the celestial “grand procession” circular orbit through the Uni (one) Verse (song).

If this planet and universe was the product of intelligent creation, would it not reflect a divine ORDER that could be measured?  Conversely, if it was the result of a chance explosion and randomness of an evolutionary process, would there instead be chaos exhibited rather than order?

Using the same logic, if there was a divine creator, would the mathematical art form we call music be a key way to connect spiritually to that same divine being in order to better honor and worship Him and in turn be spiritually nourished by Him?  If so, then wouldn’t it make sense to TUNE our music to the same creation numbers that were first established in the primeval beginnings of time and space?

This, I submit, is the core of the debate of A = 432 hz., vs. some other “altered” man-inspired, chaotic tuning such as A = 440.   The numbers don’t lie, especially when it comes to the ART OF MUSIC!

More and more, it appears that diverse people are awakening to this truth worldwide.  For instance, from the website motherboard.vice.com we read:

“The first time Ivan Yanakiev heard an instrument tuned to 432 Hertz, he says, it was like he’d heard God speak.

In the men’s dressing room at the Musical Drama Theatre Konstantin Kisimov in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, Yanakiev, a young, National Academy-schooled conductor, had his friend, Velimir, tune his cello down eight Hz from the standard A=440Hz. They were arranging an experiment.

Velimir, “a skilled cellist,” Yanakiev explained, “started in on the prelude to Bach’s “Cello Suite No. 1 in G major.”

“So, la, si, so, si so, si, so/ So, la, si, so, si, so, si, so,” Yanakiev sings to illustrate. It’s one of the most often performed and well known pieces by Bach, but in that backroom rendition, transposed not even a half of a piano key lower, the song sounded fresh and exciting.

“It was a channelling of pure light and love that vibrated through the whole room,” he said. “It was new. It was brilliant.”

In November 2013, along with Alexandros Geralis, Yanakiev cofounded the 432 Orchestra. The group is comprised of 12 string players, some borrowed from the best professional ensembles in the country, and is led by the two conductors, all of whom work for no more than goodwill to explore and profess the power of that particular frequency. So far, they’ve made two recordings and they’re fundraising to take their show on the road, hoping to concert throughout Europe.

Yanakiev is resolute: “432 Hz is a vibration that has to be spread around the world.” For him, it’s not just pleasant to the ear; it’s a profound key capable of unlocking mysteries on the level of consciousness itself.”

Finally, in conclusion, take a good look at this!

After reading author William Dufty’s 1975 book called “Sugar Blues” – it became clear to me that indeed, refined, white sugar, in the words of Dr. Thomas Szaz as quoted in the book, is truly “the greatest evil that the modern industrialized civilization has unleashed upon the countries of the world.”  This was written during the Cold War years – interestingly, it wasn’t nuclear weapons that constituted the “greatest evil” to him – but rather, simple, white, refined sugar – a toxic, poisonous, DRUG – more addictive than heroin or cocaine!!

Just to satisfy my curiosity, I took a few minutes to calculate the hz frequency of sugar – i.e. the “greatest evil” according to Dr. Szaz et. al.  I found that there are two forms of refined “sucrose” – there is brown sugar, and then there is the more refined white sugar crystals.  Brown sugar’s molecular structure is C12 H22 O11, while white sugar has an extra carbon (C) molecule attached – and thus is C13 H22 O11.   Thus brown sucrose weight is 342.30, while white sucrose is 354.25.  Multiplying 354.25 by 1.4904752 gives us the hz frequency of white sugar ——- which just happens to be 528 hz (with brown sugar measuring 510 hz.)   Talk about an amazing synchronicity.  Now I think I know why certain promoters and purveyors of “528 hz love frequency'” have exhibited such an irrational enmity towards me and my life’s work – understanding MINERALS AND THEIR HEALING FREQUENCIES.    Can this simply be mere “coincidence”??