Why is the massive new NSA Data Collection Center being built in Utah?   Cheap electric power?  Nope.   Gullible, trusting, citizenry who don’t question authority?  You’re getting warmer.   It’s doubtful any other local population would be anywhere near as docile about such a facility coming into their backyard.

In an earlier post, I documented the “Scowcroft Faction” – and their covert agenda.   Then there’s the MIchael Aquino and Church of Satan connection to the NSA at the highest levels.   Now check out the logo of the NSA’s “Information Awareness Office” and DARPA’s Mind Control Technology:

IAO  The inner logo also has the words under DARPA:  Scientia Est Potentia which simply means “Science (or Technology) is POWER”.


The All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer directing and controlling the entire planet earth.   Get the picture yet folks?  The “IAO” is far from defunct – it just went deep underground in order to perfect its nefarious technologies.

So, what has the LDS Religion have to do with this?   Consider that the “all-seeing eye” of Lucifer is proudly displayed on their iconic “temple” in SLC.   Consider that Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were both high-level “master masons” taking their marching orders from one Albert Pike – and you now may understand why the architect of the uber-corrupt Federal Reserve was a Mormon named Mariner Eccles, and why the NSA is directed by Brent Scowcroft and avowed Satanist Michael Aquino.   Mormonism’s primal goal and directive is literally to control planet earth in their prescribed world-wide “Theocracy” directed from LDS Headquarters in Salt Lake.  The God of Mormonism is NOT the biblical Jesus of Nazareth, and that’s the primary problem.