I had to laugh at today’s Salt Lake Tribune front-page story.  The entire article pointed an accusatory, holier-than-thou  finger at the FLDS (Fundamentalist LDS) “Big Brethren” spycams positioned pretty much everywhere in the twin FLDS enclave towns of Hilldale and Colorado City.

See http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/56010278-78/cameras-jessop-flds-sltrib.html.csp

The reason why I had to laugh is because the FLDS technology pictured is old-fashioned, and quite archaic,  just like their “old-fashioned” sacred, holy underwear – aka “The Garments”.   The FLDS Mormons do not believe in changing something that was originally declared to be “PERFECT” by their God-Man Joe.  They maintain COMPLETE loyalty to the infallible teachings of Joe Smith, Bring-em Young, and John Taylor, the original BIG THREE of Mormonism’s primal roots.  The FLDS wear the ORIGINAL holy underwear – which covers the entire body from the neck, to the wrists, and to the ankles.  They also follow to the exact letter Holy Joe’s revelation on POLYGAMY – (still found in the LDS canon of scripture – D & C Section 132 interesting enough.)

I had to laugh, you see, because the modern, multi-billion-dollar international corporate BUSINESS called LDS Inc. employs an even GREATER and MUCH MORE SOPHISTICATED SPY NETWORK than the FLDS could ever hope to employ.   The Tribune has turned a blind eye to the fact that SURVEILLANCE AND MONITORING of modern LDS Members by their “leaders” is every bit as intrusive as that employed by the FLDS, and is likely much more so.   The only difference is the LDS “big brethren” employ a much more modern and much more sophisticated spy system.   Their “cameras” and “microphones” are much smaller, and so are much less noticeable.    Unlike FLDS “brother Jessop” – LD$ Inc.’s SPY CENTRAL (the “Strengthening the Members Committee”) has a direct pipeline to the latest and greatest  CIA and NSA technology (including spy satellites) – so much so that the NSA is constructing their massive new “Data Collection” Center in southern Salt Lake Valley – with the FULL COOPERATION of the LD$ “Brethren”.

That’s one of the reasons I personally extracted myself from the cult of Mormonism – I could no longer abide their intrusions into my privacy.  I know that statement’s pretty hard for many people to believe, especially the devout Mormon faithful.  But it’s true.   If you doubt it – just start publicly questioning the Holy Brethren – and see for yourself.   When I started “questioning” in 1997, I was “invited” to LD$ Inc. headquarters to meet with a “general authority” named Ben Banks.   We met for nearly an hour.  All that was on his desk was a rather large “file” – the “FILE” on Alma True Ott – MORMON!   For over 30 minutes, “Elder” Banks asked me DETAILED questions on each of my four children and my spouse Joan.  He actually knew every minute detail about their school activities – and had VERY accurate info on their individual personality profiles.  He then told me all about Joan – and about her widowed mother Francis.  I was stunned and amazed at his accuracy and depth of detail.

The last 10 minutes was spent in him letting me know that my FAMILY was my greatest possession – and my recent “activities” and “questioning” was endangering my family and all-important “priesthood”.  He told me: ‘God knows how to deal with people like you! Never forget that!”

Look, I am not above receiving honest and helpful “counseling” – in fact, I welcome it.   At first I was grateful for this interview.  However, during the 4-hour drive from SLC to my home in Cedar City, I couldn’t help but become more and more troubled by it.  Why?  I kept asking myself how it was that this “Elder Banks” literally knew more about my wife’s family, and my children’s school activities than I did.  Was it because I was a bad father?  No – it was just because I didn’t have a broad-based SPY network that could instantly prepare detailed “intelligence” reports about anyone in their database!

So you see, that is why I had to laugh at the Tribune’s front page story.    Pick on the smaller FLDS – don’t focus light on the BIG Elephant not only in your private living room – but defecating all over the carpet and furniture in a major way!

A few years later, as I was seriously contemplating sending a letter resigning my LDS “membership” – my decision to leave was made quite easy for me.   My good Mormon “home teacher” asked for a private, one-on-one meeting with me.   (“Home Teaching” in Mormonism works like this – each Mormon family is assigned a “priesthood” member to visit them in their homes at least once a month.   If this “home teacher” finds any “apostasy” or deep “questioning’ going on, they are instructed to let the “bishopric” know about it during what is called “correlation” meetings.  This is the tip of the Mormon spy network iceberg.)

My “home teacher” was an ultra-devout moron who would have made a GREAT Nazi Gestapo operative.  Earlier, I had shared with him my concerns about the GREEN TEMPLE APRON – given to “endowed” Mormons in the temple ritual by Satan himself.   He informed me he had prayed about me and my questions with the Stake Presidency – and he was SO PROUD that he had received “divine revelation” for me personally.  His “revelation” would “save my eternal soul” he declared.   Here is his “revelation” from the Mormon God.

He said in a low, soft, voice: “Brother True, after much prayer, and mediation in my calling as your home teacher, I received a clear answer on your behalf.   I was visited by THE SAME ANGELIC MESSENGER FROM ELOHIM who first told me THAT THIS CHURCH IS TRUE – and so I no longer can doubt!  I heard his voice as clearly as you hear mine now. He wants you to know that you are an extremely valiant spirit and MUST NOT be deceived by Satan into such evil questioning of the Holy Temple Endowment, and God’s Anointed Prophet, President Hinckley.   Satan wants you very badly.   Father wants you to know that because of your high calling and position – such actions are worse than murder in his eyes.  There are sins, Brother True, that simply are not COVERED BY THE ATONEMENT and BLOOD OF CHRIST – and questioning the Brethren is the worst of all sins.   I was told that as your Home Teacher, I cannot let this happen – and that I am responsible for saving your soul.   My message to you is that it is much better for you to die right now, this very day, than to ever risk losing your “priesthood” because of your apostate questioning.”

I let that shocking news sink in for a few moments, then asked: “My Dear Brother R——- – are you saying I’d be much better off dead than losing my membership and standing?”    “Yes, I am telling you EXACTLY that,” he responded without the slightest hesitation.

“I see.  So, as my loving Home Teacher – would you be willing to take a butcher knife right now and slit my throat from ear-to-ear to save me from myself?” I asked.

His response sent a cold shiver down my spine.  “If the ‘councill’ approves, I would deem it a most high honor – Yes, I would! Absolutely!”

Now I’m a pretty big man – I stand 6’7″ inches and weigh around 280.   “Brother R” was much smaller.  I have to admit, I SAW RED and was angered as I have rarely been before!!  I stood up and yelled: “How DARE you!!!  You come into my house and threaten me with death!  I’m not buying the FEAR you’re peddling!!  GET OUT before I toss you through that window!!!  AND NEVER COME BACK — EVER!!!”   Brother R. left rather quickly, and I have never had another “home teacher”.

48 hours later, I mailed my resignation letter to LD$ Inc. headquarters – and I have never regretted it for one minute.  Freedom is a pretty wonderful thing!

Here are seven FACTS that every seeker of Truth needs to know about the Mormon cult:

1. They teach that the doctrine of the Mormon Church is never to be questioned:  the doctrine is to be accepted by the “spirit” witness, and therefore is not to be critically examined.

2. They teach that the Mormon Church cult is the only true church on the face of the earth. All other organizations are “abominations”.  See Pearl of Great Price – Joseph Smith’s “First Vision”.

3. Mormon Church members are taught to feel part of an ultra-elite corps. Blindly following the LIVING, current “Prophet” insures members eternal life and exaltation as a GOD.

4. The Mormon Church promotes a sense of community with love and friendship, with a special level of flattery and attention to new members, but this is only if they CONFORM.  

5. Mormon Church members are totally manipulated through fear and guilt, fear that if they don’t practice church doctrine faithfully, that they will fail to reach the highest levels of “exaltation”, fear that if they don’t wear their magic temple garments, that they will not be protected by God, guilt if they ever start to exercise critical thinking and objective analysis.

6. Mormon Church members are taught that any problems that they may experience are completely due to their own inadequacies – for the “Church” is perfect and their “Prophet” is infallible. If they are having marital, financial or other difficult problems, it is because THEY ARE THE PROBLEM – they’re not following church doctrine, or are not praying enough, or reading the Book of Mormon often enough, etc. etc. ad nauseum. Guilt, fear and shame are ALWAYS present in the minds of Mormons, if they are not 100% loyal, and fail to follow the church doctrine – they feel they would suffer a fate worse than physical death- EXCOMMUNICATION or DISFELLOWSHIP.

7. Unlike non-cult organizations, Mormon Church members find it difficult to leave when they find out that church teachings are false, or otherwise become disenchanted with the church. Terrible things often happen to them, and their family if they leave. Those who do leave, often lose their family, friends and other social contacts within the Mormon community.  Often they lose their jobs and business as well.   Mormon “leaders” then point out to the membership what happens when “Satan” enters and casts doubts and previously faithful ones leave the fold – DISASTER always results!!

Mormons desperately want the world to believe that they are as “normal” as any other American group.   They desperately want to be classified as “Christian” in the worst way.  But, they are not.   Satan hates to be unmasked.  He hates to have the pure light of Truth shine and expose him when he dons the sheep’s clothing.

So, why should this powerful cult and their Satanic practices concern the average Christian?  The answer is Blood Atonement.  Plain and simply, the Mormon doctrine of Blood Atonement declares that there are a number of “Sins” that are not covered by Christs’  Sacrifice on the cross.  (Mormons believe that the “atonement” was performed in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before.  Thus the CROSS has no significance to them anyway.)   These “sins” can only be washed away by the sacrifice of the SINNERS own blood.

One such “sin” ultimately needing the total shedding of the “sinners” life blood, is simply the REJECTION of the Mormon faith once it has been presented to them.    I kid you not.   They quote the parable of the wheat and the tares.   At some future point in time – they honestly believe that their God will require the wholesale slaughter of all non-Mormons before the “Millennial” thousand year reign of God can occur.  Granted, many Mormons will leave the bloody task completely to their God – but there are others, like my good “Home Teacher” – who are so blindly duped and zealous, that they would most gladly and eagerly KILL – if only the order is given.