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Dear Bishop Young:

Edmund Burke once said “”The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”   As a “good man” – you clearly are trying to do “something” as moved by your moral compass.  Protecting innocent adolescent minors from potential sexual predators disguised as “lay clergymen” is a noble and highly honorable venture.   Whether Mormon or Roman Catholic (or any other “denomination” for that matter), evidence has clearly shown time and time again that dangerously unscrupulous pedophile predators have successfully used their “priesthood robes” for highly damaging and damning illicit practices against their targeted youth victims.   Now, rather than giving you the honor and respect that your efforts on behalf of tens of thousands of innocents merit, you have instead been made to  be the villain – the pariah – the one who himself is need of “church discipline” simply because you dared to take a much needed stand advocating reform, in order to keep young people safer.

I ask you, Sir, what is inherently wrong with this picture?

Like you, I too went through “LDS Church discipline” and was “exed” for the grievous sin of daring to take a strong moral stand against a most pernicious evil hidden within the LDS Church at its highest levels – the SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE (SRA) of innocent children within the LDS “church” power structure.   Unlike you, however, there was no massive media outcry nor publicity for my cause and for the victims that I was honestly trying to help.   Only omnipresent silence (and a concerted attack against myself and my immediate family) occurred.   Presiding Bishopric counselor  Glenn Pace eventually issued a memo on the problem of SRA addressed to Boyd K. Packer’s “Strengthening the Members Committee” – (and because the memo and the problem it outlined was largely ignored by the Mormon leadership, the memo was subsequently leaked to the Utah media.)    Governor Norm Bangerter immediately commissioned a “blue-ribbon” investigative panel to investigate Pace’s allegations, and, not surprisingly of course, the investigating Mormons found nothing.  No changes needed here.  No perpetrators arrested.  All is well in Zion.   The foxes have further secured their henhouse.  Bishop Pace and people like True Ott are just duped and mentally warped trouble-makers who themselves need to be disciplined and brought in line. by whatever social pressures that can be exerted.

Bishop Young – please understand that where there is smoke – there is usually a fire burning.   In your case, the “smoke” is the long-standing LDS practice of one-on-one “worthiness interviews” where probing sexual questions are asked – but the actual “fire” of hell is much more damaging spiritually.

As you know, the LDS “priesthood” custom for which you have so courageously demanded reform is so highly problematic on many levels.   I submit that the primary reason why this clearly wrongful practice has not hitherto been abandoned, and why you have been villainized as a direct result,  is because at its primal core, the LDS Church is NOT what it claims to be.  It is NOT the Church of Jesus Christ.  Surely Jesus would never condone such devilish practices.

Ask yourself the primal question – Who exactly is Jesus Christ according to the Holy Bible?  John the Beloved declared that Jesus is the WORD made flesh – i.e. the Creator, the  Old Testament Jehovah.    I submit He is so much more than merely our “elder brother” – i.e. the “spirit brother of Satan/Lucifer” as Joseph Smith so wrongfully declared and taught.    Either Jesus’ mission on earth was completely, 100% successful, or it was not.  Either His sacrifice on the Cross truly rent the veil of the Temple, (meaning no more separation of God and man, thus no more need for any “temple” of stone) or it did not.  (Matthew 27:51, Mark 15:38, Luke 23:45)   Either Jesus of Nazareth’s Gospel of Grace is sufficient for all men everywhere, or it is not.  (2 Corinthians 12:9)  Christ told Peter that upon the Rock of the knowledge of knowing exactly WHO JESUS IS – that His Church would be established and the “GATES OF HELL WOULD NOT PREVAIL AGAINST IT!!”   (Matthew 16:18)   Thus, for the perfection of His Church, the Resurrected Lord appeared to Saul of Taursus on the road to Damascus, and chose a human vessel in which to further establish Christ’s Church of Grace throughout the world.

Bishop Young – my witness to you is that Jesus is STILL on His Throne – that His “Church” has never left the earth, thus it has never needed to be “restored.” (Matthew 18:20)   That any organization claiming otherwise has a most devilish and corrupt ROOT – for they have made Jesus Himself out to be a liar and a fraud.  (If God’s Scriptural WORD, the Holy Bible, is corrupt and not trustworthy, then Jesus failed miserably to protect it’s sanctity throughout the ages – and thus Satan has won the victory after all.  In short, we have no anchor, for we have no HOPE)

Therefore, it is simply not possible to  reform such a massively corrupt root – only to fearlessly expose it as the charlatan wolf in sheep’s clothing that it truly is from its very inception.

For what it’s worth, the LDS Church must be fearlessly shown to be exactly what it actually is – a beautiful whited sepulcher that looks wonderful and beautiful at first glance, but in reality is full of death, stench, and a repository for DEAD MEN’S BONES.  (Matthew 23:27)

Sincerely Yours in Christ Jesus,

A. True Ott

Pleasantview, Utah




One of my favorite quotes of all time is this gem by the German philosopher Goethe centuries ago:


I would submit that the concept of freedom is primarily rooted in spirituality.   I say this because all humanity, even the Tyrants among us, are slaves to the demands of the flesh.  In order to sustain quality life, everyone, even the worst tyrant, MUST eat nutritious foods, sleep a certain number of hours, use the bathroom fairly regularly, etc. etc.  Just because one is free to choose a favorite brand of toilet paper doesn’t mean they are FREE from having to employ the same.   By the same token, is it possible for a human being to be kept in chains, yet still be spiritually free?  Of course it is.

This is what Jesus of Nazareth was referring to when He declared: “Ye Shall Know the Truth, and the TRUTH shall make you free!” (John 8:32).    Jesus didn’t come to offer the world PHYSICAL freedom, rather, He came to offer SPIRITUAL freedom to all of mankind!  He told His disciples: “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”  (Matthew 10:28)  This counsel was given even to physical slaves: “Servants, be subject to your masters with all fear; not only to the good and gentle, but also to the froward”   (1 Peter 2:18)

With this in mind, there can be no more perverse tyranny, than FALSE RELIGION!   Not only do FALSE RELIGIONS keep humans content in their physical slavery, but they imprison the SOUL itself in a very real subterranean holding cell!  The Biblical Christ is the TRUTH – while man-made fictional deities are LIES. Truth frees, Lies enslave.

From the website “The Constitution Club” http://constitutionclub.ning.com comes 25 points identifying tyranny.   I submit they are a bit incomplete, however, and so I have added my thoughts to them in parenthesis.

  1. The only power tyrants have is the power relinquished to them by their victims.
  2. The tyrant is often a weak little man. He has no special qualities that set him apart from anyone else – yet the gullible idolize him.
  3. The victims bring about their own subjection – they “win their enslavement.”
  4. If without violence the tyrant is simply not obeyed, he becomes “naked and undone and as nothing.”
  5. Once you resolve to serve no more, you are free.  (Freedom is indeed mostly a state of mind, and then a spiritual release follows. — Ott)
  6. We are all born free and naturally free.  (This is what is meant by “inalienable rights” —- Ott)
  7. Grown-up adults should adopt reason as their guide and never become slaves of anybody.
  8. People can be enslaved through either force or deception.
  9. When people lose their freedom through deceit, it is because they mislead themselves.  (They don’t love or honor Truth — Ott)
  10. People born into slavery regard it as a natural condition.
  11. In general, people are shaped more by their environment than by their natural capacities – if they allow it.
  12. Habit and custom are powerful forces that keep people enslaved.
  13. There are always some people who cannot be tamed, subjected, or enslaved.
  14. Lovers of freedom tend to be ineffective because they are not known to one another.
  15. People who lose their freedom also lose their valor (strength of mind, bravery).
  16. Among free people there is competition to do good for humanity.
  17. People seem to be most gullible towards those who deliberately set out to fool them. It is as if people have a need to be deceived.
  18. Tyrants stupefy their victims with “pastimes and vain pleasures flashed before their eyes.”  (These are the false idols Christ warns against — Ott.)
  19. Tyrants parade like “workers of magic.”
  20. Tyrants can only give back part of what they first took from their victims.  (That’s because they are users, not producers — Ott)
  21. Tyrants attain their positions through: (a) Force; (b) Birth; or (c) Election.  (They also do so via FRAUD and manipulation —- Ott.)
  22. Tyrants create a power structure, consisting of a multi-layered hierarchy, staffed by a conspiracy of accomplices. Accomplices receive their positions as a favor from the tyrant.
  23. The worst dregs of society gather around the tyrant – they are people of weak character who trade servility for unearned wealth.
  24. Accomplices can profit greatly from their positions in the hierarchy.
  25. If people withdraw their support, the tyrant topples over from his own corrupted weight.

In the Book of Revelation, Christ identified these tyrant miscreants as the “Nicolaitans” –  and He “hated their deeds” (Rev. 2:6, 15)  Notice He didn’t say He hated them as human beings, only that He hated their tyrannical doctrine and their deeds – which basically was the root of all human enslavement.   Notice that this Chapter in Revelation is also referring to the “Synagogue of Satan” – or those who “Say they are Jews, but are NOT.”   Indeed, throughout most of recorded history, this “tribe” has been involved in human slave-trading from days of Babylon, to the dynasties of Egypt.   So it is today.

This is basically a great video, but I must disagree with a few points:  1. Human beings are not animals for the very reason that we REASON, and 2.  Humans did not evolve from the chimpanzee.    WARNING – THE FIRST FEW MINUTES ARE PRETTY GRAPHIC!!!