Yesterday, a friend and Brother in Christ, Grant H. Palmer, passed into eternity.

It was my privilege to have a number of heartfelt meetings and conversations over the years with Grant concerning the massive nature of the ongoing religious fraud perpetrated by an organization called the LDS Church.   The most recent topic of conversation was Grant’s witness concerning his meetings with a high-ranking Mormon “General Authority” (GA) concerning specific misgivings the Authority (GA) had in being a party to such dealings.   A while ago, I asked Grant if the person he had reported meeting with was perhaps James J. Hamula of the Quorum of the Seventy?   I had heard from multiple sources that Hamula was a leading proponent of honesty and increased transparency from the leadership concerning LDS history – and that his position on the subject was not at all popular with the majority of the “Quorum of the 12 Apostles”.   Recently, Hamula, (not unllike myself and Grant Palmer), was excommunicated from Mormonism for undisclosed reasons – although public press reports specifically mention Hamula was not “disciplined” for apostasy and/or disillusionment.  (See  In what was typical for Grant, even though quite ill, yet with twinkling eyes, he refused to comment on my question in either the affirmative or the negative.  He would not ever break a confidence, but yet, he had no problem leaking the full content of his discussions with the un-named GA.  Here, then, is what Grant Palmer revealed, and I submit he would want the world to know upon his passing:

Three Meetings with a LDS General Authority, 2012- 2013

Grant H. Palmer 

In mid-October 2012, a returned LDS Mission President contacted me to arrange a meeting. Several days later, he called again and said that a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy also wished to attend. He said the General Authority would attend on condition that I not name him or repeat any stories that would identify him. He explained that neither of them, including the GA’s wife, believed the founding claims of the restoration were true. He clarified that they had read my book, An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins, and had concluded that the LDS Church was not true; was not what it claimed to be. The GA often went to the website for information and there discovered my book. The Mission President said he received my book from the GA.         

We have at this writing met three times. We first met on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 and again February 14, 2013 at my house. On March 26, 2013 we convened at the GAs house. Upon entering my home for the first meeting the GA said, “We are here to learn.” I recognized him. He has been a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy for a number of years. He has served in several high profile assignments during this period. The following are the more important statements made by the GA during our first three meetings. We now meet monthly. 

He said that each new member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is given one million dollars to take care of any financial obligations they have. This money gift allows them to fully focus on the ministry. He said that the overriding consideration of who is chosen is whether they are “church broke,” meaning, will they do whatever they are told. He said the senior six apostles make the agenda and do most of the talking. The junior six are told to observe, listen and learn and really only comment if they are asked. He said that it takes about two to three years before the new apostle discovers that the church is not true. He said it took Dieter F. Uchtdorf a little longer because he was an outsider. He said they privately talk among themselves and know the foundational claims of the restoration are not true, but continue on boldly “because the people need it,” meaning the people need the church. When the Mission President voiced skepticism and named ___ as one who surely did believe, The GA said: “No, he doesn’t.” The one million dollar gift, plus their totally obedient attitude makes it easy for them to go along when they find out the church is not true. For these reasons and others, he doesn’t expect any apostle to ever expose the truth about the foundational claims.

When I asked the GA how he knew these things, he answered by saying that the Quorum of the Twelve today is more isolated from the Quorums of the Seventies now because there are several of them. When only one Quorum of the Seventy existed, there was more intimacy. During his one on one assignments with an apostle, conversations were more familiar. He said that none of the apostles ever said to him directly that they did not believe; but that it was his opinion based on “my interactions with them.” Also, that none of the Twelve want to discuss “truth issues,” meaning issues regarding the foundational claims of the church. He said that the apostle’s lives are so completely and entirely enmeshed in every detail of their lives in the church, that many of them would probably die defending the church rather than admit the truth about Joseph Smith and the foundations of the church.

The GA stated that my disciplinary action (which would have occurred on the final Sunday of October 2010 had I not resigned), was mandated/ordered/approved by the First Presidency of the Church. I said that if the apostles know the church is not true and yet order a disciplinary hearing for my writing a book that is almost certainly true regarding the foundational claims of the church, then they are corrupt even evil. He replied, “That’s right!” 

            The GA said the church is like a weakened dam. At first you don’t see cracks on the face; nevertheless, things are happening behind the scenes. Eventually, small cracks appear, and then the dam will “explode.” When it does, he said, the members are going to be “shocked” and will need scholars/historians like me to educate them regarding the Mormon past.

The Mission President and the GA both said they attend church every Sunday and feel like “a hypocrite and trapped.” The GA said his ward treats him like a king and when he gives firesides and speaks to LDS congregations they have high expectations of him. He would like to do more in getting the truth out besides raising a few questions when speaking and gifting my book to others when feeling comfortable. Perhaps this is why he has reached out to me. The GA is a man of integrity and very loving. Upon leaving each time, he always gives me a big hug. 

Do the Following Statements Support the Disclosures of the GA?

Apostle Boyd K. Packer said to Michael Quinn when interviewing him for a history position at BYU in 1976, “I have a hard time with historians because they idolize the truth. The truth is not uplifting, it destroys,” quoted in, Faithful History: Essays on Writing Mormon History, editor, George D. Smith, (Salt Lake City, Utah: Signature Books, 1992), 76n22.

Gregory Prince, who wrote a seminal biography of President David O. McKay, related to me that when he interviewed Hugh Nibley, a professor at BYU in 1995, that “At one point in the interview he [Nibley] asked that I turn off the tape recorder, which I did. He then related a curious anecdote relating to McKay and the Book of Mormon,” indicating that McKay did not believe in the historicity of the Book of Mormon (emails exchanged between me and Greg Prince on June 22, 2005. These documents are located in The Grant H. Palmer Papers, Accn 2071, Manuscripts Division, Marriott Library, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah).

Thomas Stuart Ferguson, a California lawyer, church member and avid amateur archeologist, took the Egyptian papyri that was gifted to the church in 1967 to several Egyptologists at Berkeley, and as I recall Brown University and had them independently translated. All said the papyri were common funerary rites from the Book of the Dead. Ferguson then took their statements to apostle Hugh B. Brown, and after reviewing the evidence “with Brother Brown he said that Brother Brown agreed with him that it was not scripture …. that Hugh B. Brown did not believe the Book of Abraham was what the church said it was” (Journal entry of Ronald O. Barney concerning Thomas Stuart Ferguson on 19 April, 1984. Barney, now retired, worked at the LDS Library and Archives at Church headquarters, in Salt Lake City). Ferguson also said the same to Gerald and Sandra Tanner on December 2, 1970: “Mr. Ferguson had just visited with Mormon apostle Hugh B. Brown before coming to our house, and said that Brown has also come to the conclusion that the Book of Abraham was false” (Letter of Gerald Tanner to Dee Jay Nelson, December 10, 1970, published by Modern Microfilm Co., SLC, Utah).

So, why is this important information for all people to disseminate – whether they be Mormon or not?  Simply because it directly ties in to my post yesterday concerning the BLACK OPS OF AMERICA – aka the mafia/organized crime-led CIA and NSA!!!  It is no coincidence that the massive NSA “data collection center” was built and is operating in Mormon Utah.  The truth is that very few other locales would condone such an operation, let alone facilitate it into reality.   It is also a fact that there are more LDS (Mormon) operatives in the CIA than any other culturally-affiliated group.  General Brent Scowcroft, the National Security Adviser to George H.W.Bush and key adviser to three others, is also a high-ranking Mormon, who recently endorsed Hillary over Trump!  Scowcroft is deeply involved in CIA operations at the highest level – which would explain this little tidbit of info:

CIA Agents Disguised as Mormon Missionaries in Russia and Ukraine

Written by Thomas Cain Report

In January of 2013 the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) proposed to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) to station Mormon missionaries in Russia and Ukraine to act as spy agents for the CIA.

The Church objected, stating that Russia and Ukraine were too dangerous to send their young men and women.  The CIA then proposed to send their younger operatives to Provo, Utah, USA to train as missionaries at the Church’ Missionary Training Center (MTC).

At the MTC the CIA agents were schooled in the Mormon philosophy and Church history, starting with the history of Joseph Smith, the LDS founder. By the time the CIA agents had completed their missionary training they sounded like and acted like the average every day Mormon missionary.  As far as the LDS Church was concerned the CIA operatives were on a mission for the Church and for the good of the United States.

The only difference from a normal Mormon missionary is that the CIA operatives have access to lethal weapons.  Their spy mission was three fold : (1) to spy on private and government corporations, including military installations; (2) to steal military secrets; and, (3) to assassinate political and religious figure heads that are deemed as enemies of the United States.

The women CIA operatives were ordered to gain access to private government files through any means at their disposal, including sexual intercourse with Russian and Ukrainian political leaders.

Last year three female CIA missionary operatives were successful in garnering information from Ukraine military files by sleeping with several of Petro Poroshenko’s top military commanders.  The files revealed Petro Poroshenko’s real disgust for US President Obama.  The files referred to Obama as Petro Poroshenko’s personal jungle boy.

CIA agents disguising themselves as foreign missionaries are not an uncommon practice for the spy agency.  The CIA has a long history of using Mormon missionaries as CIA spies.  American allies such as Germany, France, Italy, Poland, and the UK have all been spied on by Mormon missionary spies.  America spying on their friends is as natural as f—ing the hell out of their neighbor’s wife, when it comes to spying for the CIA, all is fair game, nothing is off limits, including a target’s wife and children.

It comes as no surprise that the Mormon Church has agreed to allow the CIA to pose as Mormon missionaries in Russia and Ukraine.  The Mormon Church has been training their missionaries as American spies for the last 50 years.  The Mormons are not alone when it comes to the practice of training missionaries as spies.  It is well known that the Baptist Church allows the CIA and NSA to use their missionaries as foreign spies.  Missionary spies are well paid by the CIA for their spy services.  The money is funneled through the Church to a missionary’s private bank account.

The difference in the case of CIA missionary operatives in Russia is that Russia is fully aware of CIA missionary spying program.  Several missionary spies have been detained and interrogated by Russian authorities.  In 2014 three missionary spies, after going through exhaustive interrogations were later released from custody and sent back to the United States.

In Ukraine it is a different matter.  CIA missionaries are monitoring the Kiev government’s every move.  Just as much as Petro Poroshenko considers President Barack Obama his personal jungle boy, the Obama administration has no confident in Poroshenko’s ability to govern the Ukraine people.  Behind closed doors Secretary of State refers to Petro Poroshenko as a Ukrainian baboon.  As far as the CIA is concerned Petro Poroshenko is nothing more than the United States’ marionette puppet that the United States dangles from a string.

The next time you come across a Mormon missionary chances are he is a CIA spy.  The Bible left out part of the scripture that should have said, “He sent them out in twos to heal the sick, to raise the dead, to preach the gospel, and as CIA Mormon missionary spies.”

Posted 8th February 2015 by The Thomas Cain Report