In our modern culture, Thanksgiving Day has largely degenerated into a day of counting blessings, feasting on lavish meals, and watching football rather than offering thanks TO the Creator, who supplies everything to us as a nation and as a people.

This past Thanksgiving Day, I took the time to take a long Nature Walk –  just to quietly observe and listen to the sights and sounds of nature.  During this time of reflection and meditation, my mind went back to the time I spent with my special Hopi Indian friends on the “2nd Mesa” of Arizona.  I reflected on their millennia-old music and dance rituals involving the flute and the drums.  On one of my visits, they presented me with a very special gift – a hand-carved flute.  Every time I blow through it and hear its tones, I am reminded of the special times spent with my Hopi friend Julian, and the spiritual connections we shared.

Now, with my new research concerning 432 hz tuning, I once again took up my Hopi flute and measured its hz tones. Yes – it registered  the low octave frequency of 144 hz – which is the “D” note when concert A is tuned to 432!

Then, just this morning, a friend sent me the following video produced by his “Native American” friend.   I couldn’t believe it! It was a Prayer of Thanksgiving TO the Creator.  I thrilled as I watched the video accurately depict both the MACROCOSM of the Creation CIRCLE OF LIFE (the core of the Kepler book “Harmonies of the World”) as well as the MICROCOSMIC WORLD of the created CELL and DNA – and then it hit me.  Could this Native American music be in the 432 hz. harmonic?  I pulled out my tuner – and YES – it is 100% 432 hz. based – exactly as my “TURTLE CLAN” Hope friends ancient drums and flutes were tuned for at least 2,000 years.  AMAZING!

It would appear the Native Americans had it right all along.  It is time we self-righteous “Christians” stopped to listen and learn a few things from them!