Jim Catlin is a close friend and Brother in Christ.  He left Hewlett Packard and entered the Christian Ministry in order to save souls instead of engineering electronics.  His intellect,  and unique insight into the Holy Scriptures is unequaled.

I would advise all readers of this blog to pay close attention to what Jim has written here:

So this is interesting…

Since the majority of my “technical career” was involved in the birth of the cell phone industry (I designed the first factory tester for the manufacturing of the first cell phones back in the 80’s), I track articles on this subject with interest. This one caught my eye in the last few days.
California, and now the Feds, want to mandate that cell phones have a remotely triggered “kill switch”. That is, anyone’s phone could be powered off from a centralized command in the system. And attempts to power up the phone would be thwarted.
The rationale is that cell phone thefts are at an all time high. This would “dis-incentivise” the stealing of phones. And certainly, it would. For a while. Eventually, hackers would discover how to override this “kill switch” and go back to stealing phones. It happened when they introduced encryption of DVD videos. It was touted as the solution to piracy. Right. That lasted for about a year. Cracking that encryption was the highest priority of every hacker in the world, especially in China where piracy is the unabashed backbone of the video industry.
But more interesting in this story is who will have their finger on the “kill switch” for each of our phones. By contract, it will NOT be the cell phone provider. That is a breach of contract that could be easily won in a court of law. No. The government will have its finger on the switch. Why? Because, they will argue, they have access to crime data, like stolen property reports and since stolen cell phones will most surely cross state lines, it should fall to the federal law enforcement agencies to kill phones. In addition, they will claim that since IEDs are most often triggered with cell phones, stolen cell phones, it will be elevated to an issue of homeland security!
Then in the near future, any time a segment of the population, say vocal opponents to the government’s policies, need ‘controlling’, the feds will just turn off their phones. It would be like electronic martial law. But consider this. By that time, cell phone dependence will have grown to unimaginable proportions, far beyond just talking to each other. By that time, in the ‘cash-discouraged’ society (again due to criminal elements), all personal transactions will be accomplished through cell phones. Nearly all access to the internet will be through cell phone wireless networks, even at home! In short, your ability to live life in the ‘modern’ society will come to a halt. And all it takes is ‘the man’ pushing a button in Washington who views you as a threat to the national security.
And what would be your recourse? Well, wired phones will have been long extinct by that time (seen many public pay phone booths recently?). Texting, of course, stopped with the kill switch. Even email or other message services will be off for you because they would have relied upon the advanced wireless internet that your phone served as a household modem. CB and ham radios will still function…for a while. But they are easily jammed and the feds can make a case that only enemies of the state use these technologies.
The “kill switch” is just one more piece of the puzzle being laid as a foundation to the end times. When Revelation says that targeted people will not be able to buy or sell during those horrible times, I have long held that it will be through everyone’s personal “key” into the infrastructure: their cell phone.