The widow of LaVoy Finicum is continuously threatening a wrongful death lawsuit.  Protest rallies supporting her and the Bundy clan have been, and will undoubtedly continue to be staged, at such places as the Utah State Capitol, (where a high school choir was asked to sing the National Anthem without full disclosure of who they were actually promoting by their singing) over Finicum’s alleged “assassination”.    Oddly, these fine, upstanding, highly vocal “patriots” claim to stand for TRUTH and FREEDOM – yet seem to have no problem breaking the law and putting themselves and others in harm’s way.

Listen to “Wild Bill” explain very rationally and clearly the gist of the problem and clear hypocrisy exhibited by the Bundy boys and their blind followers.  Never forget that Oregon State Troopers are Americans too, and also have their rights to life and liberty as well as the Bundy clan.

Nothing has been “hidden” and/or “covered up” as some have claimed.  Here is the complete footage of both the officers in the police footage “synced” with cell phone footage taken by the suspects.  You decide if excessive force was indeed used to enforce arrest warrants upon a truck full of fleeing, uncooperative “suspects”.  Or, is “Wild Bill” right on point, and telling the truth on this subject – that this was done successfully to AVOID excessive violence and bloodshed of innocents?