Joseph Smith's Mystical Ring of Power

Joseph Smith’s Mystical Ring of Power

People often ask me: ‘Why can’t you leave the GOOD MORMON PEOPLE ALONE?  They are “Christians” too.”  

My response is simply that being a good neighbor and a TRUE CHRISTIAN involves warning others of danger.  A good neighbor doesn’t quietly sit by and watch the house next door to him catch fire and burn to the ground.  A good neighbor tries to put out the fire and at the very least alert the occupants that there is a very real and present danger to their lives and property.   If that is true, then what could possibly be wrong or problematic about warning people that their very souls are threatened by a most devious and dastardly plan of the Evil One??

Logic demands only one of two realities to account for this world and nature as a whole.  Either there is a Creator-God, or humanity and all of nature is just a product of random chance and humans must make their own “god”.   I choose the first, simply because I understand the incredible complexities of the individual cells of the body.  It doesn’t matter if the individual cell is human, animal, or plant – the complexity in the DNA/RNA structure is thousands of times more intricate and complex than the finest Swiss watch, or the laptop computer I am typing on right now.  Nobody in their right mind would ever declare that a Swiss watch or Apple computer just “evolved” from a set of obtuse circuit boards and gears.  Of course there was intelligent design and CONSTRUCTION – i.e. a CREATION to produce a watch or a computer.   Nature likewise has a complex, intelligent design and was created by a Supreme Being.  Of that, the honest observer can have little doubt.  

Then if there is a Creator/God, would He not provide a basic set of instructions in order to help us live our lives to the fullest?  As a matter of fact, He did, and it’s called the Holy Bible.  His signature in the form of a numerical watermark (or code) is found on virtually every page.  Just as there is a God, the reality is there is a most evil adversary to God that is also exposed in the pages of God’s Holy Bible.   He is just as real as God.  He is a most skilled deceiver and twister.  He peddles EARTHLY POWER, primarily.  “Mystery Schools” teach how to literally sell one’s soul for earthly fame and power.  

Many who clearly understand these facts realize that many modern works of fiction are in fact based on mystery school teachings.   Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy is one such “work of fiction”.   In the dark recesses of Satanism and Witchcraft, adepts literally seek to embrace the “all seeing eye” of the Dragon named Sauran (Satan).  They seek the ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL – and “In the darkness bind them”.  

During the early 80’s, I was allowed to photograph a couple of “priceless” artifacts that once belonged to the founder of Mormonism – Joseph Smith, Jr.   They were at that time in the possession of an elderly descendent of Joseph’s brother Hyrum.   These “artifacts” consisted of three “magic lumens” that were folded into a small pouch that Joseph carried around his neck – even to the day of his death in the Carthage gun battle.   These “magic lumens” were basically the 19th century form of a OuiJa Board.   I also photographed Joseph Smith’s “Magic Dagger” and his mysterious “RING OF POWER”.  

The current owner of the artifacts explained to me the history of Joseph’s RING.   He declared that Smith didn’t purchase the ring – but that it simply appeared one morning on Joseph’s  Kirtland Ohio bedroom bureau sometime in the year 1837.  It fit Joseph’s finger perfectly, and  he seldom, if ever, took it off.  He felt it was a supernatural gift.   Indeed it most likely was!   BUT FROM WHAT SOURCE?  

Take a good look at the BLOODSTONE, TIGER-EYE stone in the setting!  Notice what is engraved there.  It is a winged DRAGON!  

To all “Good Mormons” – you need to really, and honestly take this to heart.   Things REALLY BEGAN TO GO DOWNHILL for the “Latter Day Saint” church spiritually speaking, after Joseph received his mystical “Ring of Power”.   Polygamy was secretly adopted and practiced.  Secret BLOOD OATHS began to be taken, and EARTHLY POWER became the focal point!  ANOTHER GOSPEL soon replaced the biblical Gospel of Grace.  Satan won a victory and because of this deception, has claimed millions of innocent souls since the day Joseph accepted the RING OF POWER.    

The FACT is that originally, there was virtually NO DIFFERENCE in the CORE DOCTRINE of the early LDS Church with today’s Modern Evangelical, bible-based Christians, as far as the very nature of God is concerned.  Joseph publicly taught that God the Father was a SPIRIT, and Jesus Christ was also God the Father manifest in human flesh.  This is all memorialized in the ORIGINAL BOOK OF DOCTRINE AND COVENANTS as published by the LDS Church in the year 1835.  Furthermore, Joseph never claimed to have seen The Father and Christ in his “First Vision” until 1838 – the year AFTER he received his RING OF POWER from some unknown source.   See documentation of the early Mormon “Lectures on Faith” or “Doctrine” of the Mormon D &C at this website:     

Joseph and is PRECIOUS RIng.  Thanks, DAVE!

Joseph and his PRECIOUS RIng. Thanks, DAVE!