It’s official – the LDS Church (the Mormons) have finally, at long last, publicly admitted that founder Joseph Smith Jr. had “as many as 40 wives.”

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While attempting to be “transparent” – the polygamy essay still propagates outright falsehoods, however.  For instance, in the very first paragraph is this obvious whopper: “In biblical times, the Lord commanded some of His people to practice plural marriage—the marriage of one man and more than one woman.”   By using the word, “biblical” the reader is led to wrongfully believe polygamy is/was a selective “commandment” of God.  Nothing could be further from the truth.   There is absolutely no such “commandment” anywhere in the Holy Bible.  Follow the footnote and you will see that the primary “reference” is Smith’s 1843 “revelation” on polygamy – which of course was written by Smith years after he was caught by Emma rolling young Fanny Alger around in the hay in the family barn.  OOPS.  Nice try Mormon “leaders”.   Calling a sow’s ear a silk purse is getting old!

A careful reading of Genesis 16 will show the truth – the IDEA of providing a younger, riper womb for Abraham to fertilize was totally and exclusively that of Sarah.  God had nothing to do with it.  The fact is, Sarah’s lack of faith in God’s promise caused all sorts of heartache and problems.   Typical.  Such things usually happen when people think they can take things into their own hands instead of having pure faith.

But the LDS Church has a much bigger problem to deal with now that at least SOME of their more embarrassing warts are self-exposed.  Honest members aren’t stupid.  They have to wonder why it is the Church has LIED about this absolute truth for so many years.

Remember an LDS author named Fawn Brodie?  She had the chutzpah to honestly write a book about this very subject, and titled it “No Man Knows My History.”   Brodie was vilified and excommunicated for writing the truth about EXACTLY what the LDS Church is now publicly admitting.  Brodie’s name became synonymous with “evil apostate” and I’m quite confident she suffered immensely by such un-Christlike treatment.   It seems the LDS Church owes Brodie and her entire family a deep and sincere apology!

The fallout from this latest “essay” is well documented in a recent NY Times article:    Bet Tommy Monson and the PR boys at Adelmann and Company didn’t see THAT coming!

I submit here is what honest LDS members should be asking their “leaders”:

1.  Is it ever OK for LDS leaders to “Lie for the Lord”?  Keep in mind that many early LDS “prophets” openly lied about polygamy when interviewed by the “gentile” press.  Could you ever imagine Jesus lying about His core doctrines?

2.  Why is Warren Jeffs currently languishing in a Texas prison for doing EXACTLY the same thing that Joseph Smith did during the years 1835 to his death in 1844?  Why is Jeffs a criminal, and Joseph Smith a revered demigod to mainstream Mormons when clearly they are two peas in a most corrupt pod of deceit.

3.   Why is it that Paul, or Peter, or James, John, or any of the original apostles never felt the need to write spin-doctoring essays about Jesus’ practices and hypocritical actions?  (Or for that matter, any “prophet” of ancient Israel?)

4.  If the leaders have systematically lied about Joseph’s polygamy, what else have they been lying about over the years?  In other words, credibility has been lost forever.


The bottom line is this and every other of the previous 12 “essays” stands as strong witnesses that Mormonism is simply a man-made false religion.  Nothing more, and nothing less.   As such, it is no wonder their false doctrines deny the free gift of Christ’s saving Grace and is clearly “another gospel” which is accursed!  (Galatians 1:8-9)  Its “restored priesthood” is a total sham, and has absolutely no power to save souls, and bring them to the true, biblical Christ.

It is simply impossible to grow a healthy, firm tree from a dead and corrupt root.