The British “Urban Dictionary” defines the term “Muppet” in this way:

A person who is ignorant and generally has no idea about anything.
Don’t talk to me like ya know me, ya muppet
Jim Henson’s characters are called Muppets because unlike marionettes and puppets – you can’t see any strings controlling them.  Yet, they are mere imaginary creatures nonetheless and have CONTROLLERS giving them speech and movement to create a fantasy personage and story.  How apropos that Henson’s Muppets are the headlining stars of this year’s LDS “Devotional” at the mammoth “conference center” at Temple Square in SLC.

Oh sure.  At first glance, it all looks harmless enough.  Those lovable, furry, kiddy-friendly stars of PBS “Sesame Street” couldn’t possibly be wondrously effective, totally subversive, Jewish-syndicate-controlled, socialist left-wing paid propaganda tools of the highest order could they?  It’s one thing to see them spewing their leftist agenda to our nation’s pre-schoolers each and every morning, conditioning their young minds and hearts at the earliest possible age – but WHY have them appear in all their glory in a “Christmas Devotional” by a supposedly world-wide, “Christian” church – and the one and only “true and living” church to boot?

According to Jewish writer and attorney Ben Shapiro – that’s EXACTLY what the “muppets” were created to do – to brainwash generations of naive Christians into allowing more and more socialist central core principals to creep into, and gain widespread social acceptance in America.   It’s crystal clear that they have done exactly that – and now the world can witness their “coming home to roost” party at the LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City.

In an A.V. Club writing, we read: “Shapiro’s book Primetime Propaganda exposes Hollywood’s liberal bias with empirical, angrily worded proof that its creators and producers are working to “shape America in their own leftist image.” Shapiro interviewed dozens of writers, producers, and studio executives for the book—most of whom were under the false impression that he shared their point of view, he says, because “in Hollywood, talking to a Jew with a Harvard Law baseball cap is like talking to someone wearing an Obama pin.” So reassured were they by his Ivy League Jewishness, they really opened up the leftist vault on all the personal agendas they’d been hiding in their work over the years, and they didn’t even do so while hunched over in a craven, mewling ball!”  See  and also

Only another Jew would be able to get the inside scoop on the covert Jewish agenda without being immediately shut down amid ADL cries of “anti-semitic hate speech”.  Congratulations to Mr. Shapiro for his honesty and integrity.  Do you really think that the LDS Leadership, supposedly the epitome of “conservative right-wing values” could really be that hopelessly ignorant and naive to invite such leftist architects onto their conference center stages???

In a similar vein, this ex-Mormon insider has no problems warning the world of the LDS leadership’s covert alliance with perverse Jewish-Zionist socialists and communists from the earliest days of the false profits Joe Smith and Brigham Young.  I have no problem blowing the whistle on “rabbi” Orson Hyde’s mission to Palestine and his dedicatory prayer which paved the way for the Khazarian “Jews who say they are Jews, but are not” (Rev. 2:9, 3:9) to establish themselves in the Holy Land under completely provable false genetic identities.  So, should it surprise anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear that the Mormons would fully embrace the master propagandist tools of the Jewish cabal masters – i.e. the MUPPETS of Sesame Street and bring them to the “Conference Center” stage for a “Christmas devotional”??

A series of commercial clips “Counting Down” the days to the big event were produced starring Count von Count (the Muppet look-alike of Mormon “profit” Tommy Monson) and posted on the Mormon Tab website.  Check them out here before they are pulled from YouTube:

here we see the COUNT von MONSON is busy counting the conference center’s organ pipes:

and finally, the final day is counted down:

And finally – the Three Wise Muppets of Mormonism sit in their hallowed, elevated, honorary uber-plush crimson conference-center seats of glory to “preside” over the Count and their Muppet brethren as they celebrate all that is so very WRONG about the blatant anti-Christian Jewish-driven commercialization of Christ’s Holy Birth.

The Head Muppets Revel in Muppet Mormon Magic - the BRAINWASHING of innocent minds and hearts.

The Head Muppets Revel in Muppet Mormon Magic – the BRAINWASHING of innocent minds and hearts.