ALERT!  Tomorrow, the 12th Anniversary of 9-11, my associates and I had long planned on conducting another massive protest of NSA, including a candlelight vigil, on the steps of the Utah State Capital.   There we had made plans to present a formal Petition for Redress of Grievances exactly as our Constitution allows: FORMAL PETITION FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES

Sadly, the protest and the grass-roots coalition that formed it, has been successfully sabotaged and so, there will be no event.   The enemy, so very skilled at dividing and conquering all opposition to their agenda via forked-tongue bribery, ego-stroking, and personal character assassinations, scored yet another victory.

For the record, I have been personally maligned and my character attacked in a most vicious and hate-filled manner.  Again, the double-minded “Progressives” are very skilled at brainwashing not only the masses, but also key individuals – making them believe a lie.   These ravening wolves march in the streets and hold rallies for the misaligned and downtrodden LGBT segment of society, as well as promote the RIGHTS of “Illegal Aliens” – but have absolutely ZERO tolerance for anybody who dares to 100% believe in, and promote the Holy Bible, who actively subscribes to physical and emotional HEALTH THROUGH NUTRITION instead of chemical drugs and toxic vaccines, and who in the process openly and willingly chose to reject the brainwashing of ACCREDITED post-graduate, B’nai B’Rith-authored post-graduate curriculum and who instead thinks outside the proverbial box.  Only one word comes to mind for such warped creatures, and that word is:  HYPOCRISY!  Unfortunately, they have loads of Federal Reserve Bank Notes to spend, and also enjoy lots of “credibility” with the Mainstream Media!

Even the majority of my fellow “conservatives” roll their eyes and mock me when I try to warn them of the level of technological sophistication now being deployed against “We The People” by these godless minions directing the NSA.    They don’t want to hear about Yottabytes and Quantum Computing capabilities.  They don’t want to hear about nano-bot microchips that are so miniscule that they can pass through the hypodermic syringe “snout” of a micro-drone mosquito fleet that is set to be deployed against the “People” in the very near future, (if they haven’t already”).  They don’t want to hear of the new lab-virus horrors that can be injected by the hypodermic “bite” of their computer-controlled and interfaced “bugs”.    Yet, they do indeed exist compliments of DARPA!   The picture below is NOT make-believe!!