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“Between now (1996) and 2015,——— governments, and/or other organizations who are able to CAPITALIZE on the technological advances of the last 2o years [will gain] a highly accurate and reasonably precise WEATHER-MODIFICATION CAPABILITY.   The increasing urgency to REALIZE THE BENEFITS OF THIS CAPABILITY —- make the risks to validate and refine it ACCEPTABLE. —- These highly accurate and reasonably precise CIVIL APPLICATIONS OF WEATHER-MODIFICATION TECHNOLOGY have obvious military implications.”  

“In the broadest sense, “weather modification” can be divided into two major categories: suppression and intensification of weather patterns.  In extreme cases, it might involve the creation of COMPLETELY NEW WEATHER PATTERNS, ATTENUATION OR CONTROL OF SEVERE STORMS, OR EVEN ALTERATION OF GLOBAL CLIMATE ON A FAR-REACHING AND/OR LONG-LASTING SCALE.”

AUGUST 1996 U.S. AIR FORCE REPORT: Weather as a Force Multiplier: (Owning the Weather in 2025) – pp 5,6 (Emphasis added)

Many scoffing folks laugh all of this off as yet another “tin foil hat” conspiracy theory.   Nobody can, nor ever WOULD IF THEY COULD, control and modify the weather, they derisively proclaim in their pompous ignorance!   Oh really?  If this was not a very real and present danger to the entire world, why is that much of the industrialized world entered into, and ratified a wide-sweeping BAN on weather modification technologies back in 1977?   Why have such a treaty if this was all just wild conspiracy theory?   (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental_Modification_Convention)  It would appear that someone is breaking a treaty! But perhaps not.  Is it being a white-supremacist and/or neo-nazi to point out that the nation of ISRAEL never signed off on the 1977 treaty?   Is it politically incorrect “hate speech” to point out ALL viable weather–modification technology has somehow accumulated in the hands of Israel’s single biggest power broker, Evelyn Rothschild?

The cold, hard fact is that Hurricane Harvey stalled inexplicably over a wealthy cog in the oil and gas industry, dumping trillions of gallons of rain and causing gasoline prices to spike nationwide. (I bet Rothschild LLC made huge money on oil futures, see 2011 interview below.)  It shattered all rainfall records, dumping three entire Great Salt Lakes on the region.   In fact, if the same amount of rain had fallen in arid Utah, the entire state would be covered in 17 inches of water – according to FORBES and the Deseret News.   The bottom line, this was NOT a normal, NATURAL storm.   It is even now being blamed on the catchphrase scapegoat called  “climate change” (which term likely had its genesis in the 1996 Air Force document referenced above.)

As I write this piece, the “most powerful hurricane ever recorded” (Irma) is barreling its way to South Florida.  The highways are choked with hundreds of thousands of vehicles exiting the region causing record traffic jams.  First Harvey, then Irma!   Two record-breaking storms back-to-back hitting America like a heavyweight one-two punch!   Clearly, the technology has been perfected to either suppress severe weather, or to INTENSIFY it.  In other words, the USA and its citizenry have been systemically ATTACKED, rather than benevolently protected by certain Pentagon officials.   That is the bottom line, when all is said and done.

So, what do YOU think the Air Force’s “Top Secret” Space Shuttle X-37B is doing in the atmosphere in conjunction with NASA given the Air Forces 1996 report on weather modification?   Why did it launch from Florida, yesterday, Sept. 7, 2017 just days ahead of the approaching super storm IRMA?  Keep in mind Bernard Eastland’s weather modification patents specified a special MICROWAVE HEATER in the upper atmosphere in order to manipulate and manufacture weather patterns.  Given the payload size of the X-37B I submit that is the most likely objective.

Deborah Tavares Speaks Up

It was my pleasure and privilege to meet Deborah and her husband Lou at the Conspiracy Conference in San Jose this year.   She sat next to me at the “Meet the Speaker’s Dinner” on Saturday night – and we had a tremendous conversation.

She provided me with a copy of the NASA “power point” she discusses on the video below, and I in turn provided her with a brief thumbnail sketch of my scheduled lecture the next day (at Con Con).

What you have to keep in mind as you watch the video, is the origins of NASA in the first place.   The formation and funding of NASA was a direct outgrowth of a series of SEANCE generated necromancy – where 9 demonic inter-dimensional “Gods of Egypt” were channeled and their instructions followed to the letter.  It is these “entities” – primarily the “goddess Nephthys” (the mother of the “nephilim” or biblical “sons of God” giants -e.g. the man of large stature known as “Nephi” and “Nephites” in Joe Smith’s channeled Book of Mormon).   And so it continues to the present day and hour.  This is why HUMANITY should be concerned about NASA placing QUANTUM COMPUTING into full operation with the NSA and CIA.

It is time to quit being lukewarm.   It is time to do as Deborah is doing – GET INVOLVED!  We need a million more Deborahs!!!1

For those who may be interested, here is my complete power point presentation in its entirety:


Also, here are the primary supporting documents:

1. The 1966 Homer Newell NASA report:  NASA Weather Modification Report 1966

2. 1976 U.N. Treaty On Weather Modification Weaponry:  UN_1976_Weather_Weapon_Treaty

3.  U.S. Air Force Report: “Weather as a Force Multiplier”:  weatherasforcemodifer

4.  USAF Report “Directed Energy Weapons – GLASS (GLobal Area Strike System)”  WeatherGLASS

5.  Bernard Eastlund Papers:   Eastlund Paper