The Truth is Revealed: without a doubt the universe of which the earth and its myriad of “life” forms belongs, is indeed an extremely “fine-tuned” object.

Sadly, this is a very uncomfortable subject for mainstream academia to rationally debate and discuss because in doing so they would have to admit that the statistical odds of such “fine-tuning” happening completely by accident are so large as to be literally incomprehensible.   Yet, despite all of the overwhelming factual evidence pointing to a “divine creator”, the self-professed “atheists” of “academia” continue to promote and cite such unproven assumptive “theories” as the existence of multi-verse (if one can exponentially increase the sampling base, then the odds of statistics tied to “natural selection” go down to billions to one in the galactic slot machine of “chance”) and of course the catch-all of “string theory”.  This is the “establishment” equivalent of grasping at straws to save their sinking paradigm.

As I have stated in other posts, why is it so difficult for academia to accept that astronomers such as Johannes Kepler had it right all along?  It appears that “scientists” who cling to the “multiverse” answer are completely ignoring the basic principles of Occam’s Razor which states that among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected. Of course, occasionally more complicated solutions may ultimately prove correct, but—in the absence of certainty—the fewer assumptions that are made, the better.  The problem for the atheist is that there are countless CERTAINTIES to hold fast to instead of false hopes or improbable assumptions!

Here are just three CERTAINTIES that are verifiable and undeniable to even the most ardent atheist “scientist”:

  1. Carbon resonance and the “strong force” binding elements together. Without carbon, there is no life as we know it on planet earth.  How did carbon form on this planet?  Carbon forms via fusion of helium gasses in an extremely precise and delicate process.  Although the abundance of hydrogen, helium and lithium are well-explained by known physical principles, the formation of heavier elements, beginning with carbon, very sensitively depends on the balance of what are called the strong and weak forces. If the necessary ‘strong force’ (including gravity) were slightly stronger or even slightly weaker (by just 1% in either direction), there would simply be no carbon or any heavier elements anywhere in the universe, and thus no carbon-based life forms of any kind – including humans.  Furthermore, carbon’s molecular weight is 12.11 (i.e. roughly the number 12), and it’s “resonance” hz. frequency vibration therefore is 18.   (Remember Occam’s Razor!)
  2. The proton-to-electron mass ratio. A neutron’s mass is slightly more than the combined mass of a proton, an electron and a neutrino. If the neutron were very slightly less massive, then it could not decay without energy input. If its mass were lower by 1%, then isolated protons would decay instead of neutrons, and very few atoms heavier than lithium could ever hope to form; of course, that includes the all-important carbon molecule .  This critically important “mass ratio” law then in turn governs the subsequent creation of the elements on the entire “periodic table of the elements”.  It also explains how intensely precise the process is for DNA and RNA and other amino acid chains to form – which in turn is the basis of all living things on planet earth.  Keep in mind through all of this, the primal governing “ratio”: The mass of a proton is roughly 1836 times the mass of the electron.  Without this ratio being constantly employed, there would be no carbon, or any other heavier elements.  Divide 1836 by the carbon number 12, and you get the number 153.
  3. The cosmological constant. Perhaps the most startling instance of fine-tuning by a divine intelligence is the “cosmological constant” paradox. This derives from the fact that when one calculates, based on known principles of quantum mechanics, the “vacuum energy density” of the universe, focusing on the electromagnetic force, one obtains the incredible result that empty space “weighs” 1,093g per cubic centimetre (cc).  However, the actual average mass density of the universe, 10-28g per cc, differs by exactly 120 orders of magnitude from theory.  How can this possibly be if life and the universe itself happened by “evolution” and/or “natural selection”?? 

Now let’s look once again at the basic governing ratios of “harmonic numbers” first discovered by Pythagorus and later expanded upon by Kepler in the 17th Century.  The planetary orbits, as well as the PURE HARMONICS  (1-5-3) of the musical scale, all reflect this incredible numeric constancy.  The numbers on the first horizontal line are the first 7  multiples of three, while the vertical numbers are the first 7 multiples of two.  In music, this 3/2 ratio is commonly called the “major 5th” and is the basis of the 1-5-3 chord structure ratio.  By multiplying the numbers on the horizontal and vertical planes in turn produces a set of numbers that consistently show a pattern, or if you will, a blueprint foundation of literally all creation.   Notice that the number 432 is in the heart of the grid.   Notice also that carbon’s number 12 and its corresponding hz frequency of 18 is the primary building block of this “grid of creation” that Kepler et. al. discovered so many centuries ago.

1 3 9 27 81 243 729
2 6 18 54 162 486
4 12 36 108 324 972
8 24 72 216 648
16 48 144 432
32 96 288 864
64 192 512
128 384 1024
256 768

So, in conclusion, if one is to honestly utilize the time-tested principles inherent in Occam’s Razor, then it becomes quite CERTAIN and quite self-evident that all of universal creation is held together by the harmonic tones and frequencies inherent in the core, central tone of 432 hz. since all 12 carbon-numbered scale-tones reflect all salient ratios and measurements including the RADIAN as well as the Mathematical CONSTANT 2.72.  See my paper Harmonic Resonance of Music for more information.   The Divine Creator does not roll dice, and He does not play slot machines hoping for a galactic grand jackpot where life is formed – rather it does appear HE IS A MASTER MUSICIAN!

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