Imagine Jesus Christ walking the dusty streets of Judea in 30 A.D.   Imagine Him teaching often in parable – but sometimes in very plain directness.  Imagine Him telling the religious “authorities” (the High Priests) the TRUTH – that they are the literal seed of “the Devil”.   Imagine Him declaring to them very publicly in identifying who He truly was:  that before Father Abraham – I AM – (I AM is the Hebrew sacred name for God Almighty.)

Now imagine Him going to the Edomite power-brokers of downtown Jerusalem – Edomites masquerading as “Israelites” (God’s “Chosen” people) and paying them outrageous sums of money to SPREAD HIS FAME!!

Of course, that very thought is highly ludicrous.    Christ let His actions, His Teachings, and His Miracles speak for themselves.  In other words, He simply produced incredibly marvelous FRUIT.

Christ Himself, in His Holy Bible, declared that “grievous wolves” would enter the flock in order to deceive “even the very elect”.   He explained that Satan can and will transform himself into an “angel of light” (such as Moroni) who would bring a most accursed “other gospel” to the people of the world in order to lead them astray from the true Christ.

I submit that it is that liar and deceiver SATAN who would be the first to hire a slick modern-day PR firm in order to cover his lies and dark dealings – not Jesus Christ.

They call themselves the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints (Mormon is a nickname.)    They, thanks to Gordon B. Hinckley in his decades of “leadership” as an Apostle and “Prophet’,  have given untold millions over the years to a company named Edelman Public Relations Worldwide, a notorious Edomite (modern “Jewish”) Madison Avenue PR Firm.   I submit that one solitary fact speaks VOLUMES about the massive LIE that is “Mormonism”!

Edelman Public Relations Worldwide savior to the Mormons - Richard Edelman.

















You see, fantasticly talented people and truly wholesome products have absolutely no need to hire a PR firm to basically brainwash people on a massive scale in order to grow their bottom lines.  For instance – do you think LeBron James of the Miami Heat needs to hire an Adelman PR Worldwide to convince America that he’s the best basketball player in the nation?   No – his actions on the hardwood speak for themselves.  Conversely, take Big Tobacco – R.J. Reynolds – (another Edomite “Jewish” company).  Do they need a company like Adelman to brainwash the public into falsely believing that cigarettes are fine to smoke – thus keeping their profits intact? Of course they do!   What about the American Cancer Society?  Do they need Adelman to convince  people to keep donating hundreds of millions of dollars to them – even though they are absolutely no closer to “curing” cancer despite decades of massive “donations” raised for that very purpose?   Well, you see, the Mormons, Big Tobacco, and the ACS all have one big thing in common – they are all major clients of Adelman PR Worldwide.  See article at:

You see, it was Adelman PR Worldwide, a Jewish (anti-Christian) firm, who was responsible for enlarging JESUS CHRIST in the LDS title and signage “branding” in the year 1995,  in order to fool the gullible masses into thinking it is Jesus Christ’s “church”.   The ravening wolf in sheep’s clothing, indeed.   PR Firms like Adelman guide corporations into developing specific MARKETING STRATEGIES, where often the TRUTH is stretched to the breaking point.   Consider this exceptionally well-written piece by Janis Hutchinson:


Bruce Olsen – Managing Director Public Affairs Department LDS Church posted this glowing PR report on their PR Firm on June 18, 2005.  I submit it speaks for itself without any comment, once you see the work Edelman has done for Big Tobacco:

“For a public relations firm with a Jewish founder to take on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a client was an extraordinary step on Dan Edelman’s part. But the glue that has held the two organizations together these past years has been shared values.

Dan Edelman has always been a man of principle. His heart and his sense of right have caused Dan and his company to take on many causes that may not have been popular at the time. Values like honoring the memory of ancestors, love of God, strong family ties, integrity and honor are important to both organizations.

To the Mormon leaders in Salt Lake City, Dan Edelman is not just a highly respected public relations advisor, he is a trusted friend.

Dan, we salute you on this milestone, and hope for the benefit of many more years of your truly exceptional, professional caring.

We send our love to you, Ruth and each member of your family.