It was my pleasure and privilege to meet Deborah and her husband Lou at the Conspiracy Conference in San Jose this year.   She sat next to me at the “Meet the Speaker’s Dinner” on Saturday night – and we had a tremendous conversation.

She provided me with a copy of the NASA “power point” she discusses on the video below, and I in turn provided her with a brief thumbnail sketch of my scheduled lecture the next day (at Con Con).

What you have to keep in mind as you watch the video, is the origins of NASA in the first place.   The formation and funding of NASA was a direct outgrowth of a series of SEANCE generated necromancy – where 9 demonic inter-dimensional “Gods of Egypt” were channeled and their instructions followed to the letter.  It is these “entities” – primarily the “goddess Nephthys” (the mother of the “nephilim” or biblical “sons of God” giants -e.g. the man of large stature known as “Nephi” and “Nephites” in Joe Smith’s channeled Book of Mormon).   And so it continues to the present day and hour.  This is why HUMANITY should be concerned about NASA placing QUANTUM COMPUTING into full operation with the NSA and CIA.

It is time to quit being lukewarm.   It is time to do as Deborah is doing – GET INVOLVED!  We need a million more Deborahs!!!1