No place and people on earth have suffered more atrocities at the hands of the Edomite, Godless ‘jewish’ BOLSHEVIKS since 1918 than the white Christians of Ukraine. First, the hard-working, long-suffering farmers were attacked, crops destroyed, and people starved to death by the millions!   Currently, the illicit world sex slave trade (headquartered primarily in Israel – a BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR BUSINESS according to,7340,L-3062297,00.html) has for decades been targeting the beautiful, young, blonde, blue-eyed Ukrainian girls, and has been growing in increasingly open in-your-face boldness under Yakunovych’s regime.  After nearly a century of abuse and loss of personal freedoms, the peace-loving, long-suffering MIDDLE CLASS of Ukraine have finally had enough, and are finally taking to the streets in open “rebellion” against this corruption.

Of course, this freedom-fight is mostly ignored by the Edomite CORPORATE MEDIA in the West.  There will be no heroes touted in this fight – though there are thousands of Ukrainians much more deserving of attention and praise than one Communist/Marxist named Mandela.

The “Story Behind the Story” however, is that what is unfolding in the Ukraine is extremely important to freedom lovers worldwide.  What is unfolding in the Ukraine today, could very well be a snapshot of America in the near future!!  It is simply a most basic fight for HUMAN FREEDOMS – you know, the sort of freedoms that collectivist sociopaths like Stalin and his modern protege Barry Soetoro would like to see exterminated forever!  One Ukrainian put this concept together in a most-accurate poetic prose:

To Stalin:
Says the mouse to the man as it’s trapped in his hand:
“I’m not in your house but you’re here on our land.
I fear not your size, and I fear not your might,
And the harder you squeeze me, the harder I’ll bite!”
No one invited you onto our farm.
You bullied our farmer you twisted his arm,
You burnt down his house and you raped his young wife.
A pig drunk on power has no value for life.

To Brezhnev:
You set up your schools and you taught all your lies,
Set pupil on pupil and made them all spies.
Humanity gone and the system in place,
You boosted your rockets and then conquered space.

To Gorbachev:
But then you saw reason to alter the rules.
These folk you have conquered are stubborn as mules.
You sense something wrong as you whip their bare backs.
They’ve stopped in their tracks, they’re not taking the slack!
So you promise them all that the load will be lighter,
A bully like you cannot cope with a fighter,
For when we bite back you will then understand
That freedom’s too big to just crush in your hand!

To Victor Yanukovych (the Bolshevik Puppet – Ukraine’s version of Barak Obama-Soetoro):
And now a mad pig is in charge of Ukraine,
No morals no values no heart and no shame,
Blood on his hands and a soul dark as night
He steals from his country with no end in sight.
They dared to protest so he said “shoot to kill”.
He may have the bullets but they have the will.
A cowardly swine with just thugs as his friends,
A place in Hell waits, it will soon be his end.

Stepan “Ludvig” Pasicznyk 1991
Last verse written 22nd January 2014

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