“And Jesus called a LITTLE CHILD unto Him, and set him in the midst of them [His Disciples] and said:……… ‘whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” — Matthew 18:2-6

The SATANIC LURE is always the same – TOTALLY FREE GOODIES TODAY, CHILDREN.   The HOOK is always the same as well, total enslavement and separation from the Creator.   Come and get your FREE ENTITLEMENTS AND FREE CELL PHONES TODAY – TOTALLY FREE – YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR!!


This is the story of little Bonnie Lewis, but it is also the story of tens of thousands of innocent little ones who have been “offended” in the worst possible manner.  Children used for medical experimentation, satanically ritually tortured, sexually abused repeatedly, then summarily silenced.  Innocent souls who have not had their story told.  That is, until now.

This is the story of hidden, occult, reptilian-satanic power operating at the very highest level of government in the United Kingdom; whose worldwide power of Gold and Silver Sterling – brokered via the Synagogue of Satan – the Rothschild-Edomite financial epicenter – The City of London and its controlled-puppet “colony” – the United Slave-states of America.

The Bonnie Lewis saga begins in England during the mid-1990’s.  Young 11-year-old Bonnie is not feeling well.  Her mother seeks medical help from England’s socialized medicine network of government-subsidized doctors and hospitals (which ObamaCare is modeled after).  Bonnie is misdiagnosed as suffering from appendicitis.   An appendectomy is performed by incompetent personnel.  Bonnie’s appendix is fine and healthy – but Bonnie suffers septicemia blood poisoning from the unnecessary surgery.   She nearly dies from the massive infection.   The MDs and hospital immediately go into cover-up (CYA) mode.   Bonnie is now suffering intense pain from these “complications of surgery”.   She is prescribed dozens of new drugs – most of which are totally experimental in nature.   At one point, she is prescribed and told to take a lethal dose of morphine – but her mother intervenes.

Finally after many months, Bonnie’s “mum” seeks medical help in Florida, USA.   While in Florida, American CPS agents, claiming to have written orders from “Social Services” in England, kidnap the young child, and Mrs. Lewis never sees her little Bonnie again.

Since 1998, legal writ after legal writ filed in England’s judicial system resulted in nothing more than personal attacks and threats of physical violence against the Lewis family and her solicitors.   Now, 15 long years later – the courageous attorney/barrister for the Lewis family has totally gone public with the details of this most frightening story.

Again, keep in mind this is not just about the tears and cries of one little terrified and tortured girl named Bonnie Lewis.  It is about tens of thousands of similar victims suffering the same fate.   It is about the stolen son of Dr. Rebecca Carley.  It is about the unwanted children of broken homes and crack addicts.  It is about the Franklin Coverup network in Omaha Nebraska.  It is about a covert CIA/MI6/Jesuit P2 gang called “The Finders” that Ted Gunderson attempted to expose with little success. It is about Michael Aquino and his network of arch-satanists in the U.S. Military.   It is about supplying terrified and innocent virgin children to ritual orgies in Deep Underground Military Bases – Active Secret Society (D.U.M.B.-A.S.S) installations such as Dulce N.M., and the modern HellFire Club operating hundreds of feet underground in London, The Vatican, Washington, Denver, and Salt Lake City.

No, what this is really all about is exposing the achilles heel of the reptilian Serpent and his minions called the Synagogue of Satan.  It is all about standing tall for Jesus Christ, and fighting for His TRUTH.   Can you handle the TRUTH, no matter how bizarre it is,  dear reader?  If you can’t, how can you ever call yourself a Christian???

I know this is rather long – but for the sake of your children and grandchildren – you need to internalize this story.  It truly is the SUM OF ALL FEARS – for it exposes the core evil plaguing the world today!