Beck is flat out Crazy as Bat Guana piled in a dark cave!   Typical Zionist Mormon propagandist – spewing false rhetoric while promoting a clear RELIGIOUS FRAUD that is deceitful in every conceivable way.    That FRAUD is modern-day “Jews” falsely laying claim to being the literal seed of Abraham in order to gain political power and worldly influence.   See for the latest scientific evidence.

Why is it that exposing such clear fraud is so “politically incorrect” in America today?   Why is telling the scientific, empirical truth “hateful”??

Speaking before an adoring crowd at CUFI (Christians United For Israel – an organization formed by fellow Zionist stooge John Hagee) Bat-Craze Beck proceeds to spin a yarn of epic proportions.   He pulls out a dollar bill and begins his fantasy.

“Look at the great seal,” Beck said. “You’ll notice, in-between the wingspan of the eagle, you will see the star of David made out of 13 stars. Now, why is the star of David there?”  Batman Beck then went on to claim in hushed, reverential overtones that Haym Solomon, a KHAZARIAN Polish Jew (and key financier of the American Revolutionary War because of his intimacy with the French House of Rothschild), asked that it be laid out that way.    That is all pure fiction, folks!!!

Here’s the true history behind America’s “Great Seal” for those who few Americans who still care about truth.

The original “Great Seal” was not designed by Haym Solomon.   It was originally created by a man named Charles Thompson back in 1782.

Charles Thompson

Charles Thompson – Creator of the “Great Seal”


Here is Thompson’s original artwork with a close-up view of the thirteen stars symbolizing the original thirteen colonies:

Thompson's Original Sketch

Thompson’s Original Sketch

No "Hexagram" Here

No “Hexagram” Here

Here is the official “GREAT SEAL” and its 13 star configuration- which lasted until the year 1913 – oddly enough this was when the “Federal Reserve” Jewish Bankers took over the U.S. Financial System.


Now look what happened to this country’s “Great Seal” when Khazar Bankers posing as “God’s Chosen People” took complete control:

Khazarian Changes Proposed Circa 1913

Khazarian Changes Proposed Circa 1913

U.S. Congress Still Retains Original Seal - Surrounded by FASCI However

U.S. Congress Still Retains Original Seal – Surrounded by FASCI However

The Khazar-Illuminati "Great Seal" Front and Back as Placed on Beck's Dollar Bill

The Khazar-Illuminati “Great Seal” Front and Back as Placed on Beck’s “Sacred” Dollar Bill

C’mon Bat-Crap Beck – please get your facts straight!!   America was founded as CHRISTIAN Nation – not as the Anti-Christian, Khazar-Jew pawn that it has become today.

Please understand, Dear Reader, that Beck is parroting the Mormon agenda here.  Mormonism is joined like a Siamese Twin to the Khazarian Imposters of Modern-Day Israel – for they are both based on lies and complete FRAUD.

Be aware!